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  • Amazon Customer - Somewhat frustrating, but manageable.

    Nowhere near as user-friendly as TurboTax, which I've used the past 2 years. The wording and navigation is more complex and it can be frustrating at points; I didn't feel like I was being carefully walked through and guided along the way. It totally failed to upload my information from my 2013 TurboTax PDF file, but I was able to input it myself with manageable frustration. The total return time for my federal and state both was about 2 and a half hours.

  • SuperSlugger2134 - Solid Game; But can get stale quickly!

    Seems like there aren't too many options out there for cricket games. Was really excited for this game, got it in Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport.

  • BlueChef1 - just a beautiful bat

    well balanced, great feel in your hands and a beautiful acoustic pop when you hit the ball. this is an excellent bat!!!

  • Majkboy - My first download from Amazon and not my last

    I think I should be reviewing the download more than the product because I was thrilled not to have to wait for the product, or wait, I did as the fiscal updates were not in place until a month after purchase. I do like being able to do my business taxes quickly and easily but the price is a bit high for both retail and discounted. This product should be listed for $79.99 since you also have to buy the state version, which costs another $50.00.

  • abiliza - Baseball Card Lover

    This is a great set of baseball cards. My son and my niece love these sets. Each year, every player on the team is highlighted. We have sets for the last 5 years!

  • Masochistic girl with her dad - My pants blew!!!!

    I am still on the toilet as I write this. I think it was something great to experience. It worked for me and my dad. I blew up the toilet immediately after eating half a pound of gummy bears. With my dad, it took a little longer. He even farted in his shorts'. He said that he didn't shart himself. I believe he did because it sounded wet. I leaked a little in my shorts. I was coming back from smoking a cigarette, and I didn't have much time. I thought it was a mistake, but it didn't smell like a mistake. It smelled horrible.

  • Yaneida Gutierrez - Go on, buy it!

    Love it, does the work well, and I love that It last such a long time. The first one i bought was smaller and lasted me 3 years! So i am excited to know that this bottle is much taller and will last me longer because this a great product.