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  • Chicken Salad w/Caramelized Walnuts (A New Deli Classic) | Grateful Table - Caramelize walnuts: Just get iron pan real hot, add a layer of sugar, tilt until sugar "melts" to golden brown. Stir nuts in, mix into chicken salad w/raisins.

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    Yesterday I decided to venture up to my cafeteria's snack bar. As I shuffled through the shelves of brownies, cookies, donuts, and cocaine I came across this uniquely colored Snapple juice like beverage. Assuming like any sane and rational person would that this was simply Snapple's own personalbrand of sheep juice, I decided to give this a try - I am, after all, a part time sheep herder and enjoy myself the succulent blood of some infantile sheep occasionally. After one quick sip of this beverage, I nearly dropped it in surprise - low and behold, the taste was not of my famed sheep blood, but of something else entirely! Wondering what it could possibly be, I quickly turned the bottle around and read the ingredients: Water, Sugar, and Pear.

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    Clear and concise review of basic concepts for the PCAT. However it could use some more practice questions; for example, there are only 13 questions to review the 106 page section on general biology.

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    I've seen this oven advertised on TV for a couple of years now and it looks great for cooking meat. If you review their website (they have several I used all you'll see are happy testimonials about the oven; READ further BEFORE you BUY. There are many unhappy consumers out there regarding this oven; I opened my brand new oven, placed a 3lb pork roast on it and turned it on ... it shut down after 2-3 minutes of operation. I re-set the timer and re-read the instructions and again, it shut down after 2-3 minutes of operation. Customer Service from the company that makes these is almost non-existent unless you contact in their window of support hours. My oven had a broken "Power Head" which per reviews; many of them do. I wasn't going to pay more for replacement parts when this was defective right out of the box so I returned it; ACE Photo Digital was great handling the return - 5 stars for them, 1 star for the oven only because I can't assign zero stars.