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Going to be mini. - This is just a weight loss blog to try and keep me in check. I had very bad experiances with diets before always going overboard. But this time im doing it the healthy way :) I GAined 4 stone on the...

  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/Bucketlist Going to be mini. | Bucket List - Bucket List 1. Go fruit picking 2. Go zorbing 3. Travel to japan 4. Own a beautiful vintage camera 5. Have my dad at my wedding
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/52045033677/survival-of-tha-fittest-note-since-some-people Going to be mini. | survival-of-tha-fittest: Note: Since some people... - survival-of-tha-fittest: “ Note: Since some people seem to be unhealthily obsessed with this issue, I’d like to point out that I’m just leaning forward a little in the 2nd picture and I do not...
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/52030764596/thedarkchocolatedandy-sxeman69-but-then Going to be mini. | thedarkchocolatedandy: sxeman69:but then... - thedarkchocolatedandy: “ sxeman69: “ but then again, its kind like putting a meat suit on and telling a shark not to eat you ” We (men) are not fucking sharks! We are not rabid animals living off of...
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/51985658253/girlbrushedpink3-heres-another-before-and Going to be mini. | girlbrushedpink3: Here’s another before and... - girlbrushedpink3: “Here’s another before and after for your guys!! :) A side view, The one on the right and left were taken in the same summer where I was between 205-210 The one in the middle was...
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/image/51985658253 Going to be mini. : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/51966042457/mens-magazine-on-eating-right-steak-protein-eat Going to be mini. | Men's magazine on eating right: STEAK PROTEIN EAT... - Men's magazine on eating right: STEAK PROTEIN EAT A WHOLE DANG COW EAT YOUR LOCAL BOOK CLUB FOR AN EXTRA ENERGY BOOST PROTEIN HOO HAH Women's magazine on eating right: One piece of lettuce a day with...
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/51954694618/curvecreation-so-today-marked-my-5-days-of Going to be mini. | curvecreation: So today marked my 5 days of... - curvecreation: “So today marked my 5 days of running and even though I really wasn’t in the mood, I’m super proud of myself for going!! I much prefer running in the late afternoon, I’m not sure why. I...
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/51938981865/arthlete-i-got-a-lot-of-love-from-tyra-this Going to be mini. | arthlete: I got a lot of love from Tyra this... - arthlete: “ I got a lot of love from Tyra this month so I thought I’d draw her again :) ”
  • http://goingtobemini.tumblr.com/post/51898277721/curvecreation-lunch-chicken-and-sweet-potato Going to be mini. | curvecreation: Lunch - chicken and sweet potato... - curvecreation: “Lunch - chicken and sweet potato salad with feta and French vinaigrette #food #liteneasy ”

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  • Robert Peacock - I will say after frying the egg whites the skillet was very easy to clean

    The first time to use this skillet I tried frying egg whites without oil or spray and they did stick. The commercial shows being able to flip melted parmesan cheese. I will say after frying the egg whites the skillet was very easy to clean. I have other ceramic pans and this one is no better or worse than they are.

  • J. Moreno - No more pushing

    I've got to admit i only bought this because Howard Stern wouldn't stop raving about it. At first it was very uncomfortable to use and I didn't notice anything different but after about day 3 of using it is a life changer. I am now going to buy one for all the bathrooms in my house and gift them to my family as well.

  • Book Hoarder - Works like a miracle!

    I never expect miracles but one has taken place. I purchased a vitamin C serum, as well as this Retinol Cream and used them together for a little over a week. Prior to using them, I had a small age/sun spot up on my forehead hairline, as well as the same type of spots on my cheek.The Retinol Cream said it would brighten skin, age spots and scars. I wasn't sure I believed it until today. The spot on my forehead is gone! The spot on my cheek is lightening, and I am hoping it will disappear with a little more time.

  • C. Toombs - Works, but slow

    I started this stuff almost exactly a year ago, and used it daily. Just recently, I have noticed healthy nail all the way across the nail, so it looks like it finally did the trick. My nail was quite bad, so if you catch your problem earlier, it probably won't take as long. The main ingredient in this is sodium hydroxide (lye), so I was worried that it might burn, but the concentration is apparently quite low, as there was never any discomfort. If you are persistent and patient, this will do the trick.