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  • Melissa - I like this product

    I must say, this arrived really quickly. I was quite surprised. I like this product; however I don't think it is worth $10. It is good for trimming my unwanted hair before I shave, and it gets rid of my sideburns but that's about it.

  • Portland customer - Tubes last longer. Don't waste money on other brands.

    I can NEVER find the tubes locally and their pump dispenser wastes most of the product. I have actually run out treating one outbreak, a tube lasts for a year and usually expires before I finish it. Abreva is the only one with the active ingredient docosonal sold in the US, no generics exist that I have found. The look-a-like, sound-a-like products do nothing, this one seems to kill the virus. The menthol ones help finish the healing of the wound after the virus is dead.