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  • Concentrated Clarifier - Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED CLARIFIER is a cell powerful renewing serum of therapeutic compounds that increases your skins metabolism and collagen. Featuring a precise blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids including Bilberry, Orange, Lemon and Sugar Maple to refine, tone and smooth skin. Plus clinical strength Beta Hydroxy Acids (Salicylic acid) that gently exfoliates while assisting in removal of blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts. This effective combination results is reduced wrinkles and fine lines, improvement in tone and pigmentation and glowing radiant skin.
  • Concentrate Cleanser - Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED CLEANSER removes debris, makeup and impurities without stripping skin of its natural oils. The ultra-gentle formulation soothes and hydrates your skin with anti-inflammatory Vitamin B3 and botanicals including Chamomile, Oat, Licorice, Comfrey and Citrus. Free of detergent and soap, the non-foaming formulation ensures a balanced cleanse without removing the natural moisture barriers, thus avoiding dryness and irritation. This is a universal cleanser for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone complexions.
  • CONCENTRATED MOISTURISER - Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED MOISTURISER continually bathes skin cells in moisture. Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium RNA attract & bind water molecules, holding them in your skin and preventing moisture loss. Glycerin fills the gaps in the skin's protective outer layers with intercellular fluids. Anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants include Vitamins A, C & E to soothe and protect skin cells from irritation and environmental free-radical damage. Together this rich formulation fortifies and hydrates your skin achieving softer, smoother and a more radiant complexion.
  • CONCENTRATED HYDRATION+ - Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED HYDRATION+ is specifically formulated as a dual night and eye cream. Research confirms that topically applied Vitamin B3 is an important weapon against skin cancer and aging. Our high dose 5% Vitamin B3 boosts your skins immunity against the depleting effects of sun exposure. High performance anti-inflammatories reduce sensitivity while fading pigmentation. Medical grade Lanolin, Glycerin, Shea Butter and Skin Lipids replenish the epidermal barrier while restoring moisture loss for healthy, high functioning skin.
  • CONCENTRATED MICROPEEL - Dr Natasha CookTM Cosmeceuticals CONCENTRATED MICROPEEL is a revolutionary intensive peel safe to use at home. With 28% Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids including Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic, Citric & Malic Acids, this formulation is an effective treatment for temporary imperfections including blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Balanced by fruit extracts, these concentrated ingredients reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade pigmentation and minimize pores. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and look more naturally radiant.

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  • Isabella - It works... too well?

    I got this tea to try out more for the purposes of it helping with boating and to just give my body an extra boost. I didn’t get it for the purpose that most people get these teas for. My main concern was I didn’t want it to be like a laxative or something. I love the fact that the tea comes individual tea bags instead of it being loose tea. The tea itself is actually really good and a very nice taste. I use honey to sweeten mine. When I drink this I only let it steep for about 3 minutes and I use a lot of water because I didn’t want it to be too potent. When I first drank it, after about 30 minutes and about half way throw my cup, I had to go to the bathroom. After I went my stomach felt quite bloated and just blah. Granted, at the time the when I drank it, I was feeling kind of bloated so I didn’t think too much of it. I wanted to try it again at another time when I wasn’t bloated to see how it would affect me. I tried it again a few days later and it happened again and I was again left with that bloating feeling. This was disappointing for me because I really enjoyed the taste of the tea and the fact that it came in tea bags. It also seemed to give me energy when I drank it. I just don’t like the laxative like affect that it has on me. You have drink this while at home when you know you don’t have to come out. I won’t be drinking this often. Only if I feel quite backed up and I need a little push.

  • greenbutterfly - LOVE THIS! Right now

    LOVE THIS! Right now, I'm in college and haven't even taken an HR course! However, I want some type of background knowledge and future reference, which it definitely gives.

  • Bill Jenkins - WORKS!

    There`s not too much to say about this.It`s a perfect replacement heel pad for Sidi road cycling shoes.It does exactly what it`s supposed to do.