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  • R Loomis - Great for a small display for Halloween

    These are so cute! Great for a small display for Halloween! These lights are well made. None of the "bats" are loose and all of them withstood my de-tangling process just fine. Even if you think that you have it set up to where that won't happen, it will. LOL. It was a little more tedious to untangle these than regular mini lights, but not much. I haven't made a display outside with them yet so I did a little photo shoot inside for you to see. These are solar powered and comes with a little stake to put into the ground that holds the "solar charger". There is approximately 60" of wire from the "charger box" to the first bat light on the string, so there is a really good amount of wire to work with to get the lights from the ground onto whatever you are decorating with them, which I thought was very, very nice. Most of the time I find that not to be the case with light sets I have bought in big box stores. The lights have two (2) modes, steady and blinking/flash. There is two (2) push buttons on the under side of the "solar box", one for power "on/off" and the other for setting the mode. I really like these and find the price to be fair. I was in one of the big box stores a couple of days ago looking at their Halloween lights and found nothing comparable to this set, as far as quality or even solar powered. Not saying they aren't out there in the stores somewhere, but I haven't seen them yet. I would recommend to everyone and especially for those that need to decorate without electrical outlets.

  • Paul C. Birkett - Very helpful

    I tried writing a database app on Access before and I just didn't "get it." I read this book and it laid a good foundation for understanding the product and how to get going. I think it's about as interesting as anyone could make a software manual without being totally cheesy.

  • RoseAnaM - GET THIS BOOK

    If you're traveling to Iceland, GET THIS BOOK. It helped us plan our trip, and it was our bible during our trip of the ring road. It was extremely helpful, detailed, and an overall great reference when you're on the road and need to look something up really quick and there's no service for your wi-fi (which certainly happens along the ring road). I almost didn't take it because I didn't want yet another thing to carry around, but I'm so glad I decided against that. I always had it my bag with me, or in my pack when we were hiking ('cause you never know...). I also noticed quite a few other people along the ring road had it as well, so it wasn't just our security blanket. I highly recommend this helpful resource.

  • cheri - Reader, you are going to experience a whole array of emotions

    Melanie and Green. An unlikely couple you might say if you've read the other books in the series where you meet them. Yet, they have a connection, one that they don't know about or understand. Everyone thinks Melanie is mourning the loss of Lance. While they only had one night, he died protecting her.

  • Matt - Great

    Classic rock at it's finest. Thank you Breaking Bad for introducing me to this great song. I highly recommend it.

  • Shelby - Great Cables, Actually 4k 60hz capable

    Contrary to other reviews I've read, these HDMI cables are actually capable of 4k (3840x2160) at 60hz. I tested them with the HDMI 2.0 output on a GTX 970 reference model and a Sharp 4k TV. While it's a relief these cables are as good as they say they are, if your set up is compatible with DisplayPort I would very strongly recommend you use that over HDMI 2.0. In my experience so far DisplayPort causes less problems when gaming at non native resolutions. I often play games on 1440p because even 2 GTX 970s can't keep up with 4k gaming. On my 4k monitor with DisplayPort this isn't a problem, but on my 4k tv with HDMI 2.0 I lose my 60hz capability at 1440p.

  • K. Dorn - No toxic chemicals, generous rear facing limits, perfect!

    This is the only car seat I could find without toxic flame retardants combined with a generous rear facing weight AND height limit (my children will both reach most height limits years before the weight limits of any car seat). I first ordered another brand that claimed to be free of toxic chemicals, when it arrived it reeked so badly I had to send it back. This Clek Fllo perfectly covers my primary concerns better than any other seat I looked at: toxic chemicals and extended rear facing. It is also very sturdy, not the styrofoam headpieces that are in so many other car seats (which inevitably break in car seat shuffling) and the strong metal frame is reassuring. It is easily installable as well as adjustable. Width is narrow, I could fit 3 car seats across (this, a Recaro pro Sport and a booster) in the back of my Golf TDI, big plus. We did have to put the front seats further forward than is comfortable, but it fit. It is surprisingly light considering its sturdiness, heavier than a foam and plastic seat of course but lighter than a Recaro or a Diono. The only disadvantage I've found after two months of use is that the cover is not removable for washing. I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT. I hope my review is helpful.