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  • Sidra Edaw - Surprisingly Effective

    Wiintergreen smell is why only. 4 stars -- the product REALLY reduced pain in joints -- knees and shoulders. But will not be comfortable leaving home smelling of wintergreen, and think it's too strong to be covered up with cologne..

  • Rana302 - Great for trips out

    This chair is great! We have used it many times in restaurants... You have to be sure the table is sturdy though. If the table is wobbly, the chair will still attach well to the table, but doesn't seem safe attached. The safety belt is easy to snap, and we like that it is covered up with the flap of fabric so food cannot get in there.

  • Justin - A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, ...

    A must have for PCOS sufferers. Improved mood, weightless and the ability to get pregnant. It really works. My wife has gotten pregnant twice because of it when she was told she was completely infertile before.

  • John B. - MOOV NOW - LoveIT!

    Received this little gem just before xmas - was surprised at how small and light it is, don't notice it at all on your wrist or ankle. Very cool interface and activity tracking, have used it for jogging, workouts and swimming. Love that it's waterproof, don't have to take it off in the shower. MOOV sent it priority mail to Australia, very reasonable cost and fast delivery. Thank you MOOV, a brilliant piece of design and engineering!

  • kristie bento - This blows your mind in a cryptic and familiar hint of what we knew and forgot but better remember quick!

    I chose this rating because this is the first book to put all the hints together and show how it all fits. And it really makes sense. It's what you know but your over rational mind blurs it out to preserve your ignorance. Because as Satin says, Ignorance is bliss. (For a time)

  • Amazon Customer - Maybe works, but didn't make me feel good.

    I started using the vitamins couple weeks ago. And at first everything was ok. Few days in I started feeling heavy in my chest and like a spasm around heart area. I decided to stop for 3 days and see how I felt and if it's from vitamins. After the 3 day break I felt alright, and decided to try again to take vitamins and half an hour later again started feeling wierd heavy in my chest area.

  • Ralph Castanza - It works

    I have used snake away for 6 years since moving to North Carolina---(copper Heads).. This seems to work.