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  • GrahamLiketheCracker - Starts off strong and then dies a blaze of cold waffle batter

    I received this waffle iron as a wedding gift. It worked perfectly for about 6 months and then just DIED while I was making waffles. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement, no problem. Then I got pregnant, and the waffle iron lived in the pantry for about 9 months, never getting used. When we dusted it off and started using it again, it died. Again. It was just past the one year mark from when we'd received it, but it only got about 2 months of use before it had died. I was able to get a replacement from the manufacturer free of charge, but they added the stipulation that the next one then sent me would NOT be covered under a manufacturer's warranty since the previous one was past it's warranty period. Fine.

  • Teide - Good information book about 2012 and mayan ceremonies

    The book has got much information about the Mayans and their supposed practical ceremonies that you can do at home.Sometimes it gets a bit complicated with much Mayan stuff you can not prove to be right either, but at least he is Mexican and seem to know what is he talking about.I still miss the authenticity of those old mexican mayan shamans out from the American workshops circuits to talk about this but we all know we won't find this in amazon.