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  • Richard A - Hallmark Card Studio is an inferior product with poor customer support

    I spent 40 minutes on three different live chat sessions and 55 minutes on phone hold with customer support before I hung up. In addition, I spent an hour trying to fix this problem prior to calling for support. I also completed the web contact form. The disclaimer on the web page states: "You will receive an automated confirmation response from us within an hour of submitting the request. If you do not receive our response, it is likely the filters on your email account are blocking our emails." How convenient is that to pass the buck on lack of support right back to the customer by suggesting our e-mail program is rejecting their response? I'm still waiting for them to acknowledge my request for support.

  • Allen - Appropriate for Cleaning a Small Hardwood Closet

    The wet wipe [I do use the official Swiffer wipes] comes out dripping wet and dries out immediately after cleaning a little bit of hardwood flooring. I tried mopping my apartment's floors and had to go through three wet wipes before giving up. For real (moderate to dirty floors) cleaning the Swiffer is just not hefty enough to do the job. I would suggest buying a simple $20 mop, bucket, and soap setup instead. It'll last a lot longer and will take much less time than dealing with this wimpy "mop."

  • Cheryl Prince - Tummy Tuck system does not work!

    Followed program twice a day, tummy tuck crème, belt and 5 min stomach work out, then did 30 minutes of walking daily. Measured at the beginning then again after 30 days, no change in measurement no even 1/4 inch!!!! Just a waste of money!!!!!

  • Evelyn Salt - Definitely recommend!

    I've only used this for cold beverages, but it definitely keeps them cold for quite a while. I had mine full of cold water from refrigerator, and after 4 hours in a car sitting in a parking lot (85 deg outside temp), the water was still cold when I drank it.

  • Kiba - Such a Joyful Experience!!

    These headphones actually exceeded my expectations. The Joyful Heart headphones arrive in a black zippered structured pouch to protect the headphones. I have used multiple types of headphones and these are the first to not give me issues. The sound quality is great and allows me to tune out people when listening to music or audiobooks. The volume does not have to be turned up extremely loud, till the point others can hear what I'm listening to. When I receive phone calls no one has complained that they can't hear me or that I sound muffled. Surprisingly I hear all my calls clear and don't have to turn the sound all the way up. I would recommend these to everyone because they are so versatile for all lifestyles.