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  • AskAlthea - Great little hot plate

    Inexpensive and works well. We bought two of these to replace one that finally died after more than 7 years of service. Oh sure, people can spend a fortune on these little hot plates, but for our purposes this model is a champ and easy on the wallet.

  • Mary Weigel - The Best Tour Guide -- Rick Steves

    I love Rick Steves' travel books! They are packed with useful information, some humor and are very user-friendly. I highly recommend this guide if you're going to Rome! PLUS, he tells you how to download his FREE audio tours of the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, and many more must-see sites -- they are amazing!

  • Sandra Kleinschmidt - Top quality

    The cover fit perfectly. It was roomy and didn't need to be pulled or tugged. It was a nice thickness. Very happy with it.

  • Morgan Charboneau - awesome product!!

    This stuff is fantastic!!!! so many great things you can do with it! once you open the package, it has to be used. when air hits it, it activates... but its an awesome product. I got it for my dad for his birthday and he's already ordered more because he ran out! :) its a great fit-it-all and great for making new things too!

  • Sarah E Sousa - Worth learning new dance moves, but not the best songs

    I love Just Dance! I don't truly believe there are other people around the world playing the exact same game and song and are playing along with you though....seems pretty fake in that dept, when I score over 10,000pts the other plays score around 4000 across the board, but if I score super low on purpose, the other players seem to excel...Definitely rigged, but cool idea I guess..Song selection was a little weak, has a few awesome songs that are great for a party but overall, they were trying too hard, wish the songs were more popular, and actually hits in 2015..like why didn't they wait and but the new Bruno Mars song on it?! so over all good job, but try doing more research and pick fun songs. we have every other just dance game and I admit I was a little sad about the song selection for 2015. But the dance moves are new and creative, so A for that!

  • T. N. C. - Great but very LARGE and hard to swallow

    Love that these vitamins have so many beneficial ingredients. I took away one star for how large the vitamins are. My daughter is okay with swallowing pills, but this one is exceptionally large at 7/8 of an inch long, nearly 3/8 of an inch wide, and 1/4" thick. It's too bad they can't make the pills smaller and recommend taking more smaller ones rather than a large one.