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Behavioral Health Services | Philadelphia | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount is a provider of behavioral health services and is the largest freestanding behavioral health hospital in southeastern Pennsylvania.

  • http://fairmountbhs.com/admissions/bed-availability Bed Availability | Philadelphia | Fairmount BHS - This page is updated regularly, however bed availability changes frequently and may not always be reflected.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/contact-us/patient-online-payments Patient Online Payments | Fairmount BHS - Now it is easy to make patient online payments! You can pay Fairmount BHS online using this page.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/about About Fairmount Behavior Health Systems | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount is a regional resource for children, adolescents & adults who have psychiatric & behavioral problems as well as alcohol & drug dependency needs.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/about/mission Our Mission, Develop Healthy Behaviors | Fairmount BHS - Our mission here at Fairmount BHS in Philadelphia, is to provide a safe place for people to begin recovery and to develop healthy behaviors with dignity.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/fairmount-staff Our Staff | Fairmount BHS - We are continually growing and adding to our medical staff to meet the needs of our patients. Find out more about our expertly trained staff.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/about/recovery-and-trauma-informed-care Trauma Informed Care & Recovery | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount provides Trauma Informed Care, a treatment style that understands  trauma history and the impact of trauma on how an individual views the world.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/our-multidisciplinary-approach Our Multidisciplinary Approach | Fairmount BHS - Our multidisciplinary treatment team combines professionals across multiple disciplines that are involved in a patient’s recovery process. Find out more.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/about/service-excellence Service Excellence in Behavior Health | Fairmount BHS - Service Excellence in behavior health is Fairmount's pledge to provide exceptional customer service to patients, referral sources, employees, & our payers
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/outcomes View our patient satisfaction & behavioral results | Fairmount - We have a proven track record of outstanding patient satisfaction. Check out our patient satisfaction & behavioral results from 2014.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/about/medical-services Family Practice Medical Services in PA | Fairmount BHS - Our family practice medical services aim to provide treatment of all non-psychiatric medical issues for patients. Learn more about Family Practice Medicine.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/admissions/news News and Hospital Updates | Philadelphia | Fairmount BHS - Find out more about Fairmount BHS news and hospital updates. See what is happening at Fairmount BHS.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/employment/training Behavioral Health Training & Education | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount is committed to providing educational opportunities for staff as well as responding to requests for behavioral health training from the community.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/program-services Mental Health Programs | Philadelphia | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount Behavioral Health System recognizes that each person we care for is unique and requires a specialized mental health programs and treatment plan.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/adult-programs Adult Programs & Services | Fairmount BHS - We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive adult programs. Learn more about our adult programs such as chemical dependency and inpatient services.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/child-adolescent-programs-services Child and Adolescent Programs & Services | Fairmount BHS - We offer a variety of child & adolescent programs and services, including treatment for ADHD, anxiety, teen depression, & more.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/admissions/special-information-for-patients-and-families Special Information for Patients and Families | Fairmount BHS - Special information for patients of Fairmount Behavioral Health System and their families as they go through the Admissions process and visit the facility.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/admissions Admission for Behavioral Issues | Fairmount BHS - Admission for behavioral issues at Fairmount Behavioral Health System is dedicated to providing the immediate help you or a loved one might need.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/about/fairmount-behavioral-health-visiting-hours Fairmount Behavioral Health Visiting Hours | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount Behavioral Health System visiting hours and visiting information for patients and families.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/accepted-insurance-plans Accepted Insurance Plans | Fairmount BHS - Fairmount Behavioral Health accepts a variety of insurance plans. Find out if Fairmount works with your insurance and whom to contact for more information.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/contact-us Contact Us | Behavioral Health | Fairmount BHS - Contact us about any behavioral health questions at Phone: 800-235-0200 - Address: 561 Fairthorne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19128
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/contact-us/directions Directions to Fairmount Behavioral Health | Fairmount BHS - Here are driving directions to Fairmount Behavioral Health Systems Hospital in Philadelphia.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/contact-us/we-want-to-know Patient Feedback Form| Fairmount BHS - At Fairmount Behavioral Health System, we place a strong emphasis on living by our values. If you have a concern, please fill out our patient feedback form.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/contact-us/program-contact Mental Health Program Information | Fairmount BHS - Ready to take the next step in managing your behavioral health? Here is contact information for our mental health programs.
  • http://fairmountbhs.com/contact-us/community-relations-inquiries Behavioral Health Community Relations | Fairmount BHS - We like to foster Behavioral Health Community Relations. If you would like additional information, please contact one of our representatives.

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