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  • EKGeis - but I saw this and thought it might be good for the general weekly maintenance

    This carpet cleaner is a joke. I have two little ones who spill drinks and whatnot on the carpet, so I do not expect anything other than a carpet steamer to really take care of the issue, but I saw this and thought it might be good for the general weekly maintenance. I should have saved my money. I followed the directions on the can, and when the floor dried, it looked far worse than it had before. The smaller spots were not as obvious, for example if you test an inconspicuous area first, it may not show up. However the bigger spots, those look awful. I tried to remove a couple milk stains on our olive green carpet and now I have a bunch of yellow urine looking stains all over the place. It also made the entire house stink with the fumes. Normally that's a nonissue, a small price to pay for a clean carpet, but in this case it was insult to injury. Don't waste your money or effort.

  • Space Kevin - Terrible AC/DC supply

    Remember when all your smart electrical engineering friends set sail from university to go become AC/DC power supply engineers? Yeah, me neither, because that was 30+ years ago. This thing has some sort of terrible power supply problem, and it really just does not go away. If you're into sweet games and playing them on your TV in big screen mode... you won't be doing any of that. If you're really into staring at a flashing yellow alien head, this device is for you! The power supply on this thing is a piece of complete garbage. For no reason that anyone can figure out, it flashes yellow instead of booting the f-ing machine. Apparently, Dell is still stuck in like 35 year old problems of creating a simple power supply that works. What a piece of crap. I am sitting here wishing I could play a game but instead I only get a flashing alien head. Go 1980s techology... but less reliable! Woo!

  • jennay - Highly recommended

    Killed everything! I had a bad flea infestation. Upon applying the product the fleas got more aggressive and the activity slowly declined. Upon 7 - 9 days flea activity was non existent. While conventional pesticides where toxic they would only reduce flea activity for a few weeks at best. This product has continued to work for months and months. This is a great product I highly recommend.

  • I 'am Post It - Awesome lights!!

    I have a few Fenix lights.. I'm not a flashlight guru but this light is so bright and a truley well made light.