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  • 2015 Pharmacy Survey Report - eRx - eRx Script Exchange today launched the results of its 2015 Pharmacy eHealth Survey identifying the business impact of ETP (electronic transfer of prescriptions) on community pharmacy since eRx’s launch in 2009. A total of 740 pharmacies, representing 14% of Australia’s community pharmacy sector, took part in the survey, which ran in the first half of this year. The survey honed in on four key areas of dispensing and workflow, patient outcomes, challenges and priorities, and innovations for the future.
  • 2014 National Progress Report - New national report highlights remarkable eHealth progress. A report published by eRx Script Exchange today shows that 80% of all prescriptions are now dispensed electronically rather than manually, which significantly improves patient safety and reduces the financial and human toll caused by mishaps with medications. The new report documents the evolution of electronic prescriptions since eRx Script Exchange was launched in 2009, becoming Australia’s first national system for the electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP).

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  • dramagramma - Useful Thinking About Clay

    This is not a how-to or design book. Rather, the author takes a step back to consider fundamental aspect of ceramics, historically and aesthetically. I found it super helpful as a potter in keeping my eye on the big picture.

  • Wendy - Loved it then, and still love it now!

    Best phone case ever. I originally tried this with my 6 plus but I recently upgraded to the 7 plus. I don't carry around a purse, let alone an actual wallet, so it definitely comes in handy. I love how I could fit up to about 4 cards. And it's quite sturdy. Definitely recommend this!

  • Reed - TV good, internet connection card terrible

    I bought from best buy on Amazon prime day (Amazon ran out). Picture and sound are great. HOWEVER... it is supposed to be a smart TV. But the wireless card sucks. Needs to be within 20 feet of the router to use streaming video. Why, well I called customer service and basically said that there isn't a separate antenna on the TV. So, while my computer, phone, tablet, etc. can get 40 mbps right next to the tv, the tv can only get 10 mbps, and the signal is intermittent, causing all sorts of interuptions and problems.

  • DSMohler - FAIL

    I have used Microsoft Streets an Trips since version 1. My company is a Microsoft Partner; I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer. So I know what I am doing with a computer. This time Microsoft has produced a product that can't open older S&T map versions. After S&T recognizes the need to upgrade a previous map file, it displays the error: "Failed to open document." Other people are having this problem, but there is no support article from Microsoft. It is the year 2012, and by now Microsoft should be able to produce a consumer software product that just works. Besides that, there is no compelling feature in this version that warrants upgrading. Save your money.

  • Suzanne C - Works great, follow directions on bottle!

    Follow the directions CAREFULLY on this cleanser, and it will make your hair shiny, soft, and smell wonderful! I love it! I put it in as instructed, put my hair up for 5 minutes and wash my body, then scrub in, rinse, and use a bit for leave-in. I have long and color treated hair, and this helps minimize the look and feel of the extreme damage that color processing can do!

  • Kindle Customer - A Sheriff out of his county...

    I have read ALL of Craig Johnson't books and I really like this one. Great characters and you try to figure out who is who in the good guys and bad. It moves along at a good pace and you can read it in two days...That is sad because now I have to wait 6-9 months to get a new novel. Good book and I wish they would make a movie about this would be great on the big screen.

  • ainypc - light relief

    At first I wasn't sure I liked this product but I have a bad back (herniated disks with psiatica) and I could barely walk. I used the light relief and I was able to make it through the day. It is not a one time use product. You need to continue to use it. I feel any relief is better than NO relief, and this product does help me.