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  • Captain Awesome - Fantastic Value

    I'm based in the UK and bought my unit there. However, physically this model is nearly identical to ours (to my knowledge only the keyboard layout and socket you need for charging it differs) and I've been using Chrome OS and previous Chrome hardware for a while, so I thought I'd give my take on this device.

  • 3blessings - So easy and not bulky

    Love this. We used the chicco with our first two but love this one bc it can attach to our island in the kitchen where our other could not. Only downfall but doesnt affect us that much, no bag or carrying case.

  • Amanda Leigh - Not bad, but missed the mark for me.

    I should probably start off by saying that I am very critical when discussing compilations of short stories, mainly because I have a concentration in creative writing. I spent the majority of my time in college writing and critiquing short stories. It's something that's very close to home for me. I tried to be open-minded while reading this book and maybe it was my bias that got in the way, but I was not impressed with the story that started off this book. "The Siege at Whale Cay" [I felt] was a poor choice of an opening story. It was a frustrating story of an emotionally abusive relationship with absolutely NO conflict resolution. A woman is blatantly cheating and using her girlfriend in front of her face with nothing but a pathetic "sorry" to say for it. The girlfriend contemplates leaving for maybe one paragraph of this 15-20 page story and that's it. The end. Really?!

  • Ken Hershbell - A warning about the 2013 model vs the newer model.

    I'm giving this specific model 2013 a low rating as a warning to parents that consider the discontinued version over the newer one. We have the 2013 version, it's barely been used. The concept is great and it works fine and is a space saver, although I thought it seemed heavy to carry to a restaurant so we didn't use it much with our first child born in 2013. We then used it with one of our sons born in 2015 and it would qualify for more stars if we had gotten more use out of it and here's why we didn't: the discontinued 2013 model leaves the gray metal loop below the table clips exposed while the newer model now has these covered by cloth. At 10 months our son could arch backwards while putting a foot in the metal loop pushing himself up and potentially propelling himself out of the chair to the side. Fortunately, we caught this issue before it became a problem and I'm happy to see that Inglesina modified the design to cover the gray metal loops. I would give that model 4 stars.