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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • ArarEmerald - Fiyah!! 🔥🔥🔥

    I'm always pleased with your writing. Even though I would have love to see Juvie&Solai love blossom a little more because it always seemed as if they were at odds. However the book still didn't disappoint!!! Can't wait for the spin off to SYTBTSG. Keep writing these bangers with your unique writing style.

  • Sahar - doesn not have the terrible smell of the off sprays with DEET

    Very effective product. doesn not have the terrible smell of the off sprays with DEET. I am normally a mosquito magnet escpecially in tropical places. but I used this product during my trip to US Virgin Islands and wasn't bit even once.

  • Amazon Customer - Great case for the price!

    I love how slim and lightweight this phone case is. I like that the buttons have a little bit of a plastic covering instead of rubber. (My old one had rubber over the buttons and from sliding it in and out of pockets and bags the rubber buttons were the first thing to peel off.) The slight bumper/inlay keeps the phone surface from touching the counter. The material is slightly grippy/textured which is easier to handle and slips out of my hand less often. I really like this case and I hope this helps me keep my phone longer!

  • Brett - I love this Camera.

    Very nice my daughter is really pleased with it,the camera got a parts like the battrey cover that if got handaled with care will shap off dont thick it whould last to long if used a lot.but service good

  • Rosie Finley - Live a Pain-free life is Possible thanks to Flexoplex

    This product has changed my life. It has given me remarkable results and I have shared it with everyone that I come in contact with especially at the doctors office. I was taking the steroid shots for years because of the inflammation in my body. In 2006 I was hit by a vehicle while doing my health walk. The trauma my body experienced was years of chronic pain. The pain medicine was temporary; it reminded me of a band aid; it only covered the pain but it did not cure the symptoms. The ONLY relieve of the chronic pain, inflammation, stiffness and soreness, FLEXOPLEX, This product is absolutely Amazing! I have shared my testimony with so many people. I started my mother, and many others on this product. I am a walking testimony to many people because they saw my condition prior to Flexoplex, walking with a cane and using a walker for assistance. I no longer have need of a walker or a cane. I am so blessed to have a pain free life, I recently started going back to the gym, and I can't wait to share the products with others.

  • David Insinga - nice remaster sound quality a thousand times better than original ...

    nice remaster sound quality a thousand times better than original disc.perfect double album in the same vane asTHE WHO's TOMMY,GENESIS' THE LAMB LIES DOWN,THE BEATLES WHITE ALBUM,ELTONS YELLOW BRICK ROAD.Dark and brilliant at the same time much more enjoyable