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Paul B Wizman MD - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery South Florida - Bariatric Center of Excellence in South Florida led by Dr. Paul Wizman specializing in gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric band, and revisional surgery.

  • http://drwizman.com/after-care-program After Care Program - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery - Paul B Wizman MD - Bariatrix Florida - The post-operative phase is as important as the actual surgical procedure. Our patients are encouraged to continue attending support groups long after their
  • http://drwizman.com/about-obesity/obesity Obesity Surgery - Bariatrix Florida Center of Excellence - The term obesity is used to describe the health condition of anyone with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Obesity is now recognized as a disease.
  • http://drwizman.com/about-obesity/obesity-related-illnesses Obesity Related Illnesses (Comorbidities) - Bariatrix Florida - Obesity is often accompanied by other obesity related illnesses called comorbidities. Obese people are more likely to suffer from them normal weight people.
  • http://drwizman.com/about-obesity/bariatric-surgery Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence - Bariatrix Florida - Bariatric surgery causes weight loss by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold, malabsorption of nutrients, or the combination of both.
  • http://drwizman.com/about-obesity/bmi-calculator BMI Calculator - Bariatrix Florida Center of Excellence - BMI Calculator will help you determine your body mass index that is needed to know if you quality for bariatric surgery.
  • http://drwizman.com/getting-started/qualifying-for-bariatric-surgery Qualifying for Bariatric Surgery - Bariatrix Florida - Body Mass Index and comormidities are the main indicators to see if you are qualifying for bariatric surgery. Most patients with BMI over 35 will qualify.
  • http://drwizman.com/getting-started/bariatric-surgery-information-sessions Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions - Bariatrix Florida - Attend our Bariatric Surgery Information Sessions on presented by Dr. Paul Wizman at our Center of Excellence practice, learn about different procedures.
  • http://drwizman.com/getting-started/bariatric-surgery-insurance-coverage Bariatric Surgery Insurance Coverage - Bariatrix Florida - Bariatric Surgery Insurance Coverage will depend on the specific health care plan you are enrolled in and if there is a bariatric benefit for the member.
  • http://drwizman.com/getting-started/bariatric-surgery-self-pay Bariatric Surgery Self Pay - Bariatrix Florida - Bariatric Surgery Self Pay package at Bariatrix Florida allows patients to receive treatment for obesity in cases of coverage exception in your healthcare.
  • http://drwizman.com/getting-started/preparing-for-bariatric-surgery Preparing for Bariatric Surgery - Preparing For Bariatric Surgery Here are the steps that will help you be prepared for the life changing bariatric procedure:
  • http://drwizman.com/bariatric-procedures-comparison Comparison of Bariatric Procedures - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery - Paul B Wizman MD - Bariatrix Florida - Comparison of Bariatric Procedures Type of Surgery Adustable Gastric Band Gastric Sleeve Roux En Y Gastric Bypass Brief
  • http://drwizman.com/procedures/gastric-bypass Gastric Bypass - Center of Excellence - Bariatrix Florida - Gastric Bypass uses a combination of restriction and malabsorption. Smaller stomach pouch holds less food and bypassed intestine helps absorb fewer calories
  • http://drwizman.com/procedures/gastric-sleeve Gastric Sleeve - Center of Excellence - Paul B Wizman MD, PA - Gastric sleeve is a restrictive bariatric procedure. It works by reducing the stomach size by about 80% therefore reducing the amount of food it can hold.
  • http://drwizman.com/procedures/lap-band Lap Band - Bariatrix Florida Center of Excellence - Lap Band is a bariatric surgery during which the silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach along with the injection port under the skin.
  • http://drwizman.com/procedures/lap-band-fills Lap Band Fills - Paul B Wizman MD, PA - Bariatrix Florida - Lap Band fills are done by inserting a needle into the lap band port located under the skin of the abdominal wall and injecting or removing the saline.
  • http://drwizman.com/procedures/bariatric-revisional-surgery Bariatric Revisional Surgery - Bariatrix Florida - Bariatric Revisional Surgery is performed to correct complications from a previous weight loss procedure or for enhancing weight loss results.
  • http://drwizman.com/our-practice/dr-paul-wizman Dr. Paul Wizman - Bariatrix Florida - Bariatric Surgery - Paul Wizman MD, FACS, FRCS(C), FASMBS has been specializing in bariatric surgery for over 15 years and has completed over 4,000 bariatric cases.
  • http://drwizman.com/our-practice/dr-amit-taggar Dr. Amit Taggar - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery - Paul B Wizman MD - Bariatrix Florida - About Dr. Amit K Taggar Dr. Amit Taggar Amit K. Taggar, MD, obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He
  • http://drwizman.com/our-practice/team-members Bariatrix Florida Team - Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery - Paul B Wizman MD - Bariatrix Florida - Rita has graduated Keller Graduate School of Management with Masters of Business Administration and joined the team of Bariatrix Florida in 2010. She
  • http://drwizman.com/our-practice/location Bariatrix Florida - Paul B Wizman MD, PA - Office Location - Bariatrix Florida - Paul B Wizman MD, PA specializing in bariatric surgery. The office is located at 5800 Colonial Dr., Suite 108, Margate, FL 33063

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  • Haleraiser86 - ood set of shears

    These are some sharp little shears!!! I like the two different sizes. They were able to cut and clip the brush and bushes I needed them for nicely. Not sure how long they will stay sharp, and how easy they will be to sharpen, but I will tell ya about that when I get to that. For now I am really happy with them.


    Yes, it will clean your right and left nostril real good. But when I get nasal infections, the mucus is in the other nasal cavities, not just in my nostrils! The solution goes into one nostril, goes around the corner, and right back out the other nostril. It leaves the other nasal cavities untouched. Yes, a netti pot is messy and uncomfortable, but the solution gets into the back passages and that's what gives me relief. So, if I were you I would save some money and buy a cheap netti pot!

  • Hank Hancock - A lot less expensive than what you'll pay in the grocery store for the exact same plates.

    The price is considerably lower as compared to buying from the local grocery store. I took one star off because apparently the boxing machine was out of adjustment and crushed two of the ten packages of plates when shoving them into the box. This was clearly not an issue with Amazon's packaging as the plates were crushed (folded in half) inside the Dixie's box. The box was not damaged in shipping.

  • Amazon User - Useless crossbars

    I don't know if these are good because I was sent the 2011 crossbars instead. Completely useless. When you receive the crossbars, make sure to check them right away to see if they actually fit your vehicle. Don't wait until that next car trip.

  • Nikki A - Still love this treadmill!

    I know it says that this model is discontinued however it was 5 yrs ago when I order my Sole F80 and by far it is still the best piece of workout equipment I have ever invested in. It is sturdy. The tread is flex and the length of the belt is plenty long for me at 5'6" to have a nice stride that's not compromised. I highly recommend Sole for any of their equipment- high quality at an affordable price for your home gym. In 5 yrs the only problem that I've had is the fact that the stickers on the machine tend to curl up from being in my garage gym. Great treadmill- it's one of the first things I show people that come visit me for the first time. Thanks Sole!