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The Vampire Series - William Clearfield, D.O. Reno, Nevada physician - The Vampire Series - With 33 years of medical experience, Reno, Nevada physician, William Clearfield, D.O. of the Clearfield Medical Group... read more...

  • http://drclearfield.net/about/ Reno, Nevada physician, William Clearfield, D.O. - Clearfield Medical Group - With 33 years of medical experience, Reno, Nevada physician, William Clearfield, D.O. of the Clearfield Medical Group provides patients with successful ...
  • http://drclearfield.net/the-vampire-techniques/ The Vampire Techniques - The Vampire Series - Clearfield Medical Group is trained & certified to perform the very specific, patented, Vampire Facelift®, Vampire Breast Lift®, & other Vampire techniques
  • http://drclearfield.net/vampire-facelift/ Vampire Facelift - The Vampire Series - The Vampire FaceLift® combines our extracted platelet rich fibrin matrix with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, our preference is Juvederm, to deliver a youthful...

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  • Brian George - Dummy Books Are Great

    Rated 3 Stars only because after reading more of QB For Non Profits I realized I didn't need this Dummies book.

  • Sam Bousak - Great machine best on the market

    This is a fabulous beard trimmer. It's more powerful than anything I ever used. I've tried the peanut and a few norelco trimmer but they're not even close to the power on this bad boy. It's advertised as a haircut kit but I can't see anyone using this for haircuts being that there's only 4 heads to chose from and it seems too short of a cut for most men's haircuts

  • Noinod5 - This works! No more hemorrhoids!

    My husband asked for this for Christmas, and I laughed. I thought he must be kidding, but he wasn't. He has trouble with hemorrhoids, poor guy. Anyways, he has been using it since Christmas, and said to me a couple days ago that it has completely worked. His hemorrhoids, which were chronic, are gone in less than two weeks. Apparently this allows you to 'go' without pushing and straining. It seems (and looks) a little odd, but if it can get rid of hemorrhoids, it's worth it.

  • Tiffany Wilkins - I was disappointed with product

    I was disappointed with product. I followed the directions and I don't feel any different than before. It actually decreased my bowel movements. I know everyone is different in how they react to these type of things but I expected more of an effect.

  • MakeupExclusives - I love the stylish bottle that this product comes in

    First of all, I love the stylish bottle that this product comes in. It's very sleek and expensive looking. It has a great smell to it. I've noticed the some eye creams do not smell pleasant. Be sure to keep the nozzle clean of excess product so it doesn't dry and become difficult to get out. I've been using this for a few weeks now. I have some melasma underneath my eyes so I was hoping that the retinol would help with that. I don't notice a difference in pigment, but I do notice the difference in fine lines. It seems to puff my skin up slightly so the appearance of crows feet is minimized. Overall, for the price I believe it's a good buy! I will come back and update this review if the brown spots lighten.