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Dr. Chelsea Gronick - Naturopathic Doctor in Kelowna BC - As a naturopathic doctor practicing in Kelowna, I treat you from stubborn diseases using natural and conventional approaches so you can live your best life!

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  • http://drchelseagronick.com/naturopathic-approach/ My Unique Approach - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND, Kelowna BC - There's no two people who are the same - so why are you being treated the same as everyone else? Learn more about unique approach to naturopathic medicine.
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  • http://drchelseagronick.com/hormone/ Hormone Management - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND, Kelowna BC - I take hormones very seriously and focus on fixing hormone imbalances so you can feel your best every day. Learn more about my natural approach here.
  • http://drchelseagronick.com/adrenal-fatigue-low-energy/ Adrenal Fatigue & Low Energy - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND, Kelowna BC - With our fast-paced society, it’s only a matter of time before we get drained of our energy and end up with adrenal fatigue and low energy.
  • http://drchelseagronick.com/chronic-pain-injury/ Chronic Pain & Injury - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND - Have you had chronic pain or injury for years? Are you tired of temporary solutions? I use non-surgical natural therapies to get rid of your for good!
  • http://drchelseagronick.com/digestive-restoration/ Natural Digestive Restoration - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND - My unique approach to digestive restoration is much more comprehensive than most other doctors because. We need to be thorough to get you results!
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  • http://drchelseagronick.com/prolotherapy-prp/ Prolotherapy & PRP - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND, Kelowna BC - I specialize in cutting-edge, natural pain relief like prolotherapy and PRP so you can be free from pain, and get back to doing the activities you love!
  • http://drchelseagronick.com/nutrient-iv-therapy/ Nutrient IV Therapy - Dr. Chelsea Gronick, Naturopathic Doctor - IV Nutrient Therapy is a fantastic way to supercharge your system and get the nutrients that your body is lacking quickly & efficiently!
  • http://drchelseagronick.com/prp-facial-rejuvenation/ PRP Facial Rejuvenation - Dr. Chelsea Gronick ND, Kelowna BC - No surgery, no downtime, no side effects - all benefits! The PRP Facial Rejuvenation is a Natural Therapy that doesn’t require surgery, botox or fillers.
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  • J. Hughes - Goliath is a Giant Success

    Totally drew me in! I thought I would watch an episode or two at dinnertime, but low and behold, the season 1 series was finished by 3:30 am. I tend to be a night owl while my more reasonable husband hits the sack earlier, but not for this, he was up with me until the end. The experience of following the characters and plot was more like watching a very good movie, and who leaves in the middle of a great movie? So we watched Goliath to its conclusion and were not disappointed. Great acting by the entire cast and Billy Bob Thorton played his character superbly and most believably. If there is a season 2 we will check it out, but for now, this story is complete. Thanks Amazon for an amazing experience!

  • Michael B. Sonneberg - Return, will not calibrate

    If you have 3-4 hours and steady hands you may, may get to calibrate the gun. But I doubt it, what a waste of time and money.I have no idea how they could have released this to the public. I guess they were hoping people would not bother to return it and throw it away. It should be thrown away but I will count on Amazon to stand behind this junk and go to the trouble of returning it. Wow, what a loser

  • lon_star - 5MM jack is in the armrest storage console and it's not easy to see what's going on in there

    Unit arrived on time and works as advertised. One minor drawback - the activity light is hard to see, especially in bright sunlight. I often have to disconnect the unit from the 3.5MM jack and hold it cupped in my hands to see if I have pressed the button long enough to turn the unit on. Some of it is my car's setup - the 3.5MM jack is in the armrest storage console and it's not easy to see what's going on in there. Decent unit though and I'm glad I bought it.

  • Michael Foelsch - HORRIBLE PRODUCT

    The moment I installed the STUBBY ANTENNA I noticed a STRIKING decrease in my ability to receive AM and FM channels that I NORMALLY had CLEAR reception of. I would NOT reccomend this product to ANYONE!!!!! If it was not for the pain in my ASS that it would take to return this item that was $20, I would DEMAND a full refund. Since it's not worth my time to go to the post office and return this item, I will leave it alone and NEVER order from this company again.!!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - This is a must have if you work on your own bike.

    Took ten minutes to install on a 2013 KLR650. To me, this is a must have. Takes very little effort to raise your bike up. Just pull up on the side while stepping on the foot bar and its done. Makes changing tires, chain maintenance, and oil changes a breeze. Keeps the rear tire off the ground. push on the rear of the seat and the front tire will lift off the ground with very little effort.

  • Alex Liddie - The Past Foretells the Future

    Thom Hartmann knows his American economic history, but most of us only know what's happened since we were ten, if that. So every third generation, when we no longer remember what our grandfather's experienced, we go into one of these periods where the wealthy get very, very wealthy and the rest of us go under water. The economic royalists take over until we elect a Teddy or a Franklin, along with supportive congresspeople, and unwrap our fetters. The crash is coming soon. We'd better get out and vote.