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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Bob Lasky - Long time Quickbooks user

    I have been using Quickbooks to manage my business for many years. I always upgrade it when a new version comes out. This one Migrates better than any of the past versions. I think and am hoping that the on line banking is improved. Time will tell.

  • Bev Casey - Husband uploaded it by accident but worked out great

    I was looking for Superstars of the 70's and my husband decided to help me but got confused and uploaded Jesus Christ Superstar. He knew I had the movie soundtrack so thought this was what I was looking for originally. Never heard it before but I'm glad he did it. I really like this version.

  • Jubelyn Then - Sge loved it and it is very well made with durable ...

    This pillow is so cute. I got this for my sister which is expecting her second child. Sge loved it and it is very well made with durable materials. I received this product at a discounted price for my honest review.

  • JeffreyPeters - Great stuff, variable strength

    I love this stuff but I have one tiny quibble. The strength is not uniform from one box to the next. Sometimes it's nice and strong but sometimes it's pretty weak.

  • faolin - also effective taken as a pill

    My primary care couldn't find a source for my macrocytic anemia, and I did some research that brought me to methyl B12. I started taking the Jarrow formula an hour before breakfast every day, to maximize absorption on an empty stomach. Six weeks later, my bloodwork was NORMAL for the first time in years. I'm less irritable and have noticeably more energy. As a bonus, I was rarely sick this winter, and when I was it was a very mild version of whatever was circulating.

  • poltroon - My love-hate relationship.

    One of the things I've learned the hard way about QuickBooks is that they're not very tolerant of people being out of step with the latest version of their software or of the operating system. When I first ordered this product through Vine, I was one OS release behind on my Mac... and so I couldn't install it. Then, later, when I upgraded to a new computer, I was *obligated* to install the new version - an unwelcome surprise. I was glad to have the new version available - but deeply insecure and unhappy about having to run the new version when I had urgent need to create certain reports - ie, to have to upgrade on their timeline instead of mine.

  • Bethany Lemons - Do NOT BUY!!

    Wouldn't even stick to car. Followed directions step by step. Had to throw them away. Waste of money.