CorePsychBlog - Brain and Body Connections: Dr Charles Parker Reports Core Science Findings for Everyday Psych Problems

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  • CorePsychBlog: ADHD Medical Ambiguity: Medical Treatment Can Encourage Denial - ADHD Denial is Pervasive: Both The Public and Some Medical Treatment Contributes to ADHD Denial - several aspects of the current medical diagnostic and treatment grid can also contribute to ADHD denial.
  • CorePsychBlog: SPECT Functional Brain Imaging Is Not 'Mind Reading' - Let's Take the Woo Woo out of New Brain Science DiscoveriesIf you are interested in the science of brain imaging on any level you will be interested in just taking a moment over at CBS 60 Minutes from this past Sunday night.
  • CorePsychBlog: Vitamin D3 - Easy to Measure and Important to Correct - At every first psychiatric interview, especially here in the middle of northern hemisphere winter, - and if you or your client is African American always ask the SAD [seasonal affective disorder] question:
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  • CorePsychBlog: The River, the RAPIDS, and Your Recovery Process: Life and Reality - If you are interested in the recovery process [drugs, alcohol, relationships, 'workaholism'] or if you simply are interested in adult development on any level, you may be interested to better understand your own life's river running, and your own reaction to ever changing reality.

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  • kevin russell - Awesome video cam

    Its tiny simple, and easy to use.... the quality of picture blew me away I own 2 HD cams and 1 Pro canon... that cost much more...... The little.. cam does a great job... small, clear and does its job... I am buying another one for twice the action videos...

  • Sdanceqt - great for age difference

    Even though this stroller is light weight. It has the rommiest seat for a 2 1/2 year old and smooth ride with him on 1 side and a newborn on the other. I purchased it for occasional trips to the mall or long days at theme parks and I am very happy with it!

  • Mr. Kyle G. Savage-lowden - Pretty Impressive I must say

    When I bought 3 of these 2 months ago I had no idea they were capable of so much, I only wanted them to listen to my jazz music in SuperMegaUltra High Definition

  • Mary J Kakas - I love this cream

    I love this cream . It seemed to remove all the impurities after two weeks of use I had about half a dozen white heads having not had white heads in the last 20 years .

  • Lisa M Popovich - Really helps with racing thoughts when trying to relax!

    I wouldn't consider myself as someone with severe anxiety but everyday stresses can be very overwhelming. I have been taking this as bedtime every night and it just really seems to take the edge of and make it possible to deal with life without being stressed out all the time. The biggest thing I have noticed is when I try to relax I don't have all the racing thoughts like I did. I can just simply relax- huge improvement!!

  • jose - Quality good

    This is a good product and I have purchased two units. One for my baby the other for my dog. They worked well, and I can check them at the same time via my iPhone.