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  • Joseph Reeves - Great tool

    If you are looking for a good Wrench set at a great price this is it. This is not a snap on wrench set by any stretch of the imagination but for someone who only uses tools to fix things around the house one or twice a month this wrench set fits the bill perfectly.

  • mercyNside - You need this.....

    Great product. I've been using After Inked for the pasted two years. I'm currently on my fifth tube. Smells great and moisturizers very well.

  • Amazon Customer - Great price, but not as sturdy as the OEM ...

    Great price, but not as sturdy as the OEM hubcaps. Chip rather easily, but for the price, I guess expectations should be lowered.

  • Medina35 - This products is great, I'm 17 years old

    Unbelievable! This products is great, I'm 17 years old, not bald, but my hair was very thin and not much hair. I've been using it for 1 month and 2 weeks and the results are starting to show, my hair feels ticker and seems to be growing. After all its not just for baldness. Still have two more cans can't wait for those results. That means ill keep buying more of this!

  • Lee Thornton - Over all good product.

    Packaged and shipped well. Came on time and looked great out of box. Rubber seal was missing and was part C on instructions. This is the part between hood and grill. Took some time to install because the medal clamps would not stay in. After moving off road wiring lights around and using old clips I got grill to stay in place. Over all it looks great on my Jeep and I have received many complements.

  • Chuck in Texas - Throw Out the Norton!

    After a Norton installation sent me half way to the Funny Farm and locked up one machine three times, I decided that instead of going through the same thing on three more machines I would try a new product.