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  • Nebraska Engineer - Performance hog, and has interaction issues.

    First a disclaimer: I'm using this to protect a 3-yr old Win 7 laptop (not a huge problem), and also an admittedly older Dell XPS desktop (Win XP) (unbelievably terrible performance impacts). I purchased this brand of security software in the hope that it would work better on my 7-year old desktop (1 G Ram) than the expiring Norton had. With Norton, my Dell functioned ok except during scans (which could be paused if necessary) and for 10 minutes when first starting up in the mornings.

  • Teresa - I could stomach the shake (which was pretty bad), but the fiber blend and apothe-cherry concentrate ...

    I tried the 10 day cleanse and lasted 5 days. I am returning it for a full refund. I followed the instructions to a tee and I only dropped 1/2 lb. I could stomach the shake (which was pretty bad), but the fiber blend and apothe-cherry concentrate are the most disgusting things I think I've ever put in my mouth. The fiber blend is like eating sawdust; it does not dissolve in anything you mix it with - hot tea/water. The apothe-cherry concentrate made me nauseous and I actually threw up the last night I took it. I told myself if I didn't lose anything after day 5 that I was done. I do not recommend this cleanse to anyone. I had zero energy and a headache at least once a day. The only solace I got was from the flex foods, which are all water-based, so they do not really fill you up either, unless you eat a ton of cucumbers at once! I would recommend Dr. Frank Lipman's Be Well program over this any day, plus it's less expensive. All they want you to do is sell for them. A total scam.

  • Dr. donna - The jury is still out

    I was looking for a product for years to help with my dogs teeth and finally decided on this product. I apply this right on my dog's teeth daily. I am hoping that it diminishes all the plague that she has. She is a rescue and has horrible teeth. She had one dental and did poorly with it so no more of those. I'm going to use the whole bottle and will post again in the future. If this works ( fingers crossed ) on her teeth then it will get 10 stars.

  • jebavonct - Not Cured But

    Right now I'm at 3 for the degree of fix and 5 for the fact that the fix worked well enough for us to be able to use our Kreepy Krauly. We were at a point where not only the Kreepy Krauly did not work but we could not vacuum our pool either. So I averaged this to a 4.

  • Amazon Verified Customer - Wow this case is simply amazing and class

    Wow this case is simply amazing and class. It really protects the phone and give it is attractive. I will definitely recommend you to buy this case and U should give a try . :)

  • norton850 - Works well, but slides around some

    Easy enough to put on and seems stable. One of the clamps is a little loose but overall no problem carting a snowboard around all winter or taking it from Colorado to Vermont. The cross pieces are a little long on a 2011 Escape and you could get poked it not careful since they extend quite a bit beyond the edge of the car. May try to cut them in the spring. Overall a good and easy fix if you need them at a good price.