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Stonesifer Endocrine Care & Clinical Research | Federal Way Endocrinology, Seattle & Tacoma, Washington - Stonesifer Endocrine Care & Clinical Research is the leading endocrinology practice specializing in hormone & metabolic issues such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, hormone disorders & more.

  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/what-we-do/endocrine What is Endocrinology? Thyroid, Diabetes, Metabolic & Pituitary Disorders Treatments - Endocrinology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine which deals hormones and their functions in the body. Stonesifer Endocrinology in Federal Way offers treatments for thyroid disorders, diabetes, metabolic & reproductive disorders, & more.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/meet-our-team Meet Our Team | stonesifer.com - Larry D. Stonesifer, MD, FACP, FACE Board Certified Endocrinologist Dr. Stonesifer is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the subspecialty Board of Endocrinology and Metabolism, and has been in private practice since 1984. Full Bio
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/clinical_research Clinical Research & Trials | Diabetes, Parathyroid & Cardiovascular Research - Patients in the Seattle, Tacoma & Federal Way areas have the opportunity to participate in clinical research trials for endocrine & metabolic disorders, including diabetes, cardiovascular & parathyroid disorders.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/new_patients Download the New Patient Packet - New patients to Stonesifer Endocrine Care & Clinical Research may download and complete the new patient packet prior to their appointment to save time and make the most out of their appointment with the leading endocrinologist in Washington.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/forms_and_policies Patient Forms and Policies - Patients scheduled for procedures or testing in the office can download instructions & protocols to explain their procedures & expedite their visit.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/directions Directions and Contact Information | stonesifer.com - Our office is located in the St. Francis Medical Building (Building B), adjacent to St Francis Hospital, in Federal Way, WA. Parking is free.34509 9th Avenue S, Suite 200Federal Way, WA 98003Evening and Saturday hours are available by appointment.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/patient_resources Stonesifer Endocrinology Patient Resources | Helpful Links for Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions & More - Your endocrine health is our priority. That is why Stonesifer Endocrinology has provided several resources about diabetes, thyroid disorder, pituitary disease & more for all patients.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/what-we-do/diabetes Diabetes | Type 1, Type 2 & Gestational Diabetes Treatments & Management in Federal Way, WA - Patients with diabetes in Seattle & surrounding areas turn to Stonesifer Endocrinology to treat & help manage their disease. Diabetes is an endocrine disorder that occurs when the pancreas does not create enough insulin to regulate glucose.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/what-we-do/thyroid_disorders Thyroid Disorders | Thyroid Cancer, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism & Thyroid Nodules Diagnosis & Treatments - Thyroid disorders can affect your metabolism & hormones. Common disorders include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer & thyroid nodules.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/what-we-do/adrenal-disorders Adrenal Disorders | Adrenal Fatigue, Incidentalomas & Insufficiencies, Endocrine Hypertension & Enzyme Abnormalities - Several adrenal disorders may affect the hormone-producing adrenal glands. We specialize in their diagnosis & treatments of adrenal fatigue, insufficiency, Addison’s disease, adrenal tumors for patients in Seattle & surrounding areas.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/what-we-do/calcium-bone-parathyroid Parathyroid Disorders, Vitamin D Deficiency, Bone & Calcium Disorders & Treatments - Parathyroid disorders may disrupt normal levels of calcium & Vitamin D levels in the body resulting in osteoporosis, & other disorders. Learn more about how we diagnose & treat these disorders.
  • http://diabetesfederalway.com/what-we-do/male-and-female-hormone-disorders Male & Female Hormone Disorders | Sex Hormone Disorders, Diagnosis & Treatment - Dr. Stonesifer specializes in the diagnosis & treatment of sex hormone disorders including female & male hypogonadism, low testosterone, polycystic ovarian syndrome & transsexualism.

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  • Stephanie P. - The organizer is nice to have but the cupholder lacks support and doesn't ...

    The organizer is nice to have but the cupholder lacks support and doesn't allow for larger size cups. Additionally, the cup cannot be too full or liquid will spill as it tips slightly due to the product design. Love UppaBaby but hope they redesign this product soon!

  • Justin Kammer - My kids love the taste of these

    My kids love the taste of these. They are always excited to take their vitamins! They take them mostly all year but especially in the winter...I really believe it helps to keep up their immune system during cold and flu season.

  • Amazon Customer - Bye bye dark circles!

    I've always been fortunate to look young for my age, (I'm in my mid 40's). But lately, due to lack of sleep and seasonal allergies, my dark circles have been severe. I started using the Murad Resurgence two weeks ago and the difference was noticeable almost two days later. Someone even saw a picture of me and asked if that was my daughter, LOL....LOVE MY MURAD!

  • Kevin Yin - the shelf life is too short

    There is only 4 months shelf life when I receive the item.Normally , it would have one year shelf life at least.

  • Erik - No fun, not well designed, broken at the core...

    I probably can't say anything that others haven't said, but I figured I'd say a little bit anyway...

  • Down to Earth Reader - FANTASTIC!!

    I applied this last summers to the bottom half of the north and west sides of our house, where it had turned quite gray from mildew. I very carefully followed the directions, including the "forget" part! No results really for months, but it was an exceptionally DRY year as we all know here in the Midwest. But come spring, a nice damp spring, I suddenly realized the lower half of the house was now much brighter than the top half! By far! So as soon as I had a dry weekend, I sprayed the same sides, top to bottom, and within weeks the entire house is bright!!!