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Dapsone - Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd - We mainly manufacture 4,4'-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone, 4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulphone, Diphenyl Sulphone and 3,3'-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone.

  • http://dapsone.en.ecplaza.net/4-4-diamino-diphenyl-sulphone--275140-2039477.html 4,4'-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone - Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd - Chemical Name: 4, 4’-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone Other Name: Dapsone;DDS;4-Amino Phenyl Sulphone CAS No. 80-08-0 Molecular Formula: C12H12N2O2S Molecular Weight: 248.29 Physical State: Solid (powder) Solubility: dissolve in methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, acetone and dilute hydrochloride acid, not ...
  • http://dapsone.en.ecplaza.net/4-4-dichloro-diphenyl-sulphone--275140-2039478.html 4,4'-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulphone - Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd - Chemical Name: 4, 4’-Dichloro Diphenyl Sulphone Other Name: Bis(4-chlorophenyl) Sulphone CAS No. 80-07-9 Molecular Formula: C12H8O2CL2S Molecular Weight: 287.16 Physical State: Solid Flash Point: 233°C Boiling Point: 397°C Solubility: not dissolve in water
  • http://dapsone.en.ecplaza.net/diphenyl-sulphone--275140-2039483.html Diphenyl Sulphone - Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd - Chemical Name: Diphenyl Sulphone Other Name: Phenyl Sulphone CAS No. 127-63-9 Molecular Formula: C12H10O2S Molecular Weight: 287.27 Physical State: Solid (crystalline powder) Boiling Point: 379°C Solubility: dissolve in hot ethyl alcohol and benzene, slightly dissolve in boiling water, not ...
  • http://dapsone.en.ecplaza.net/3-3-diamino-diphenyl-sulphone--275140-2039517.html 3,3'-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone - Suzhou Yinsheng Chemicals Co., Ltd - Chemical Name: 3, 3’-Diamino Diphenyl Sulphone Other Name: 3-Aminophenyl Sulphone CAS No. 599-61-1 Molecular Formula: C12H12N2O2S Molecular Weight: 248.29 Physical State: Solid (powder) Odor: orange alike Solubility: slightly soluble in water, alcohol, dilute inorganic acid, not dissolve in alkali

    Country:, Asia, KR

    City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • Steve Jennings - Intuit Customer Service is the Worst!

    I had been a quicken user from the mid ninety's until 2009 or over 10 years and purchased the upgrades every two to three years. I found it to be a good program for check book entries, reconciling and categorizing for budgets. However, it left a lot to be desired to manage investments and it is late to the party to offer cloud service for mobile devices. I have found other Free Apps that are far superior to Quicken and believe it has lost its luster for my purposes. I only chose to purchase Quicken 2014 to have the ability to print reports but have not seen that a reason enough to suffer through its quirky investment deficiencies and the inability to download investment transactions I easily can access with the Free Apps I use. I believe Intuit has hampered Quicken's desire to listen to its user's and it's lack of customer service (without paying) rank it the worst I have experienced in years. Intuit is just impossible to work with. I plan to return this product.

  • Lancelot - Love it

    I have locked myself out of the truck several times and this receiver safe has saved me several times, worth it! I have owned this safe for several years now and I can't tell you how many times it has saved my butt! I really do loved this safe.

  • Elizabeth from Crazii B!tches Book Blog - Waleron & Delara <3

    I really love this series and I have been anxiously awaiting for this certain story since the beginning!! This book was full of passion, angst & action.

  • Tara - Beautiful smell and finish

    Love the smell and feel of this toner. It goes a little quicker than I'd like, but I like the ingredients, so I'll keep purchasing.

  • Farmer - Great software

    I got a trial version from the BigBox store with my new tablet and like it so much I bought the full Complete version here which covers 5 machines. Very fast install and uses very little recourses. It does not effect any gaming experiences at all.

  • Nanakay - A sweet Christmas romance

    I love Christmas and will read books about Christmas or watch Christmas movies anytime of the year. This book caught my eye on NetGalley and I was excited to be given a chance to read and to review it.

  • Amazon Customer - Good QC

    I've been using the Summer Edition 2015 after using the first FinalMouse from back in April and I have noticed a big difference from before.