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  • tara - Quick Books is an easy way to organize your business finances

    I work for a property management company. I started using Quick Books in January of 2012. I started working for this company a few month prior to that. I do a number of things for the company, including depositing payments from residents, tracking the client bills, deposits and expenses for their property. When I started with the company, I mainly did resident tracking and deposits of payments. When my boss started her company she had a handful of clients and residents and she was able to keep track of things on her own. However, as the company grew, she added me to help with those tasks. With much frustration with the system my boss had started, I convinced my boss we needed a better system for tracking our quickly growing company, Quick Books was the topic of discussion. It stream lined tracking what residents have paid, what our clients have for finances, made billing our clients a snap as well as summing all the information into handy reports that most anyone can understand. I would, and do, recommend it to people. Since last year, we have grown even more and have over 230 properties we either own or manage. We grew so fast this past year, I finally convinced my boss that I am only one person and others need to be able to use Quick Books even when I am in there. We purchased the 2013 mult-iuser and not a week goes by we do not comment on how great it is. I honestly believe that we could not have done it without Quick Books.

  • PhilipGearSolid - NO ETA on HDR

    The second Sony listed feature for this TV's Amazon product page is "Enjoy HDR video... (update required for HDR compatibility)." And just recently on Sony.com this TV has been renamed to X700D 4K HDR with Android TV, added to its list of TVs with HDR functionality, and HDR is now peppered everywhere its product page. However, to quote their site: "In order to watch HDR videos from Internet video services, the TV would require a firmware update via the Internet."

  • Jim McClure - 5 Star Reviews Are Bogus Don't Trust Them

    This product DOES NOT work as shown in their video. The 5 star reviews you see are bogus reviews put there to battle the bad reviews. Look at the other products they have reviewed and you will see NONE. Those reviewers only reviewed THIS PRODUCT. When you look at some of the bad reviews and see the other products they have reviewed you will see many other reviews. The good reviews on this product are quite clearly LIES to battle the bad reviews this product deserves.

  • Kindle Customer - I don't know how but it works great!

    I have bad knees and sometimes this product is the only thing that helps reduce the pain. when the air pressure drops I am in agony and nothing else works. I use it sparingly because its so expensive and I don't want to chance becoming immune to it and it will stop working. I've even used it on my hands when they act up and in less than a minute the paid subsides. only takes a tiny dab.

  • J. Beveridge - Totally Useless

    I'm an expert computer user with 25 years experience with Microsoft Windows. I've used Acronis TrueImage since 2003. It's saved me from disaster several times. I've recommended older versions of TrueImage to numerous friends and deployed it in our office.

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox - Rock on!

    I got this during one of Amazon's deal of the day promotions for 40 bucks. I've used it a couple times and can see how it can help a person learn the guitar. I'm not patient enough, so I haven't made any progress with it, but eventually, hopefully I can sit down and focus. Either way, it's been proven to work, so even at the $60 price tag, it is worth it if you're dedicated to actually wanting to learn how to play.

  • Read Natick - Another hit

    This author never disappoints me. I laugh and I cry with the characters. After reading all the books I feel like I live in the 5th ward. Great job keeping your readers entertained and giving your readers their money's worth. The books are long and I didn't regret paying nearly $10 for this one. Can't wait for the next episode.