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    I've held back on reviewing this for a while because I wanted to make sure it worked over the long term. As it turns out, it does-- to an extent. I like the fact it is natural and doesn't leave a burning sensation, but it does tingle (it might in fact burn if you have sensitive skin). It works like it claims and teases out a lot of ingrown hairs, and tones down the red spots, but it does not entirely remove blemishes and dark spots from previous cases of ingrown hairs. Since removing the hair depends on how fast your hair grows, it's effectiveness as a "remover" can vary.

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    I needed something at an affordable price ASAP and found this. It was easy to purchase, easy to install, and it worked for my family's main computer. I liked the fact that I can use it for more devices.

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    Not sure if I was using it correctly but the machine caused a small scar on my stomach after using it for less than 5 mins. Spend the money on a better product!

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    At first I didn't think this would work, but it does. After two week I have the start of little baby hairs in my thinning spot. It is a little pricey but this is hair we are talking about here. Plus you only need a few drops. I did receive this at a discount in exchange for a review.