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  • Kyle - Always keep a can in your trunk

    Exactly what it says it is. Works great for a large number of auto issues. I always keep a can at home and one in my trunk. I can't tell you how many time I have been driving and noticed the car "bog" down, the check engine light comes on, and I have trouble accelerating. I pull into a gas station, put a can of this in the fuel tank, fill up, and the problem (cylinder misfire) is instantly fixed.

  • Pearson - Great bag for a Dad traveling with kids

    This bag was great for a trip with the kids. As a Dad I'm always carrying something besides my stuff. Being able to use this as a backpack while still having the organizational features of luggage was great. I always had 2 hands available and the bag didn't flop around like a messenger bag would have. This is not a real backpack however. If your thinking about hiking the appalachian trail with this thing you'll be sorry. Its comfortable enough to get you through the airport but its not a super long distance hauler. To be fair I don't think it could be. Most real backpacks of this size have some sort of frame and weigh twice as much which would not be an advantage on a plane. I normally travel very light. I don't bring more than 4 days of clothing as I always find a way to clean them. Having said that this bag swallowed this easily. I didn't bring a suit or a change of shoes which would have filled more of this bag. The suit also would have needed some protection or at least the dry cleaning bag as it might wrinkle. I found the internal straps very helpful in keeping the clothes compact and less lumpy. I also got the packing cube which is helpful. The bag fit very easily on all the planes and the messenger strap did double duty replacing a cheap strap on a soft sided cooler during the trip. All and all if you travel light and need both hands to manage other stuff and want to get through airports quickly this bag is perfect. If I still traveled a lot for business I might use this bag. I always found the wheeled bags would fall over or be difficult to get around in a crowd. It was nice not to be trailing a rolling bag. I just don't know if it would wrinkle your suit.

  • Mark Herman - Russia has declared cyber war on the US

    I do not care what party or political doctrine you support, but if you care about the United States of America you need to read this book. Our country is under a serious attack and Malcolm Nance has laid out a compelling case that describes the depth and breadth of this Kremlin cyber offensive. I spent over 3 decades conducting wargames in the Pentagon and I recognize the patterns he describes whose intent is to manipulate our election. Based on this book and my own knowledge of Russian Hybrid War we will see more 'leaked emails' and I predict amongst the volume of emails will be false information that we will be unable to distinguish from the hacked information. I assert that the goal of this offensive is to insert that false narrative into our election. Again, I do not care who you do or do not support, but as an American I do not want to be told by a foreign enemy what to think. It is rare to read a book that describes an attack while it is still ongoing. We have not seen the end of this Russian effort to undermine our faith in our institutions. Our country is under attack, believe it.

  • Sonya Rea - Great all-purpose athletic shoe

    These are the only athletic shoes I can wear for an extended period of time. They have great support, yet are spacious in the toe.

  • G. Jaust - Great product. Our basement office had a lot of ...

    Great product. Our basement office had a lot of spiders. There was a distinct odor when it was first applied but that totally went away in a few hours and so did the spiders!!

  • J. Richter - Great Elliptical

    I had been using an Eclipse elliptical with a 16" stride and burned the bearings out after a year of use. The guarantee that came with the unit was very limited.