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  • Northshore Walker - It's Working!

    The only mistake I made in this purchase was to buy it used. The used toner clearly had been used. First of all, the batteries were missing. The cover for the battery case was off of the devise and floating loose in the box.Then I found the previous owner's hair stuck to the gel pads.ICK! After I purchased batteries and removed some stranger's hair from the gel pads I strapped this promising gismo around my flabs and optimistically pressed the buttons. But I was met with yet another glitch.The center gel pad, the big one there to do the big job on the biggest flabby ab, wasn't working. Being the resourceful kind of girl that I am I realized that what was needed was a transmitting agent. You know, something to get the electrical current from the front of the grid to my abs. Aloe Vera gel works well for that and I just happened to have some which I promptly applied to the ab facing side if the pad.The results were just what I hoped for, an electrical jolt striking right into my flabby ab causing it to contract. So I have been using this ab jolter almost daily for about three weeks and I am seeing the desired results.I've lost 11/2 inches from my waist so far. Four more inches would get me down to my lovely, svelte,pre- pregnancy figure.My baby is 18 so you know I've been working at this for a long time. And I have worked at this. I love the gym. I lift, I swim, I bike, I power walk. But the abs were staying put. May be it was due to my little frame carrying an 11 lb baby that had to be delivered c-section but since that last of three giant size babies was born, I have never been the same.I 'm thinking the ab nerves had been severed and that's why other exercises didn't work. I will wear this ab toner up to 2 hours a day working with the contractions produced by the belt. I'm motivated to wear it because after 18 years of many ineffectual efforts, this one seems to be working!

  • Armchair Critic - Good rackets

    These rackets are great. Nice and light, good for beginners as well as experienced players. Much better than those cheap ones.