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City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Mrs.DiPiero - Quick Results

    This Skederm Ultimate Eye Cream with Energizing Retinol and Antarcticine. I am familiar with retinol as it is in most eye creams, I'm not quite sure what Antarcticine does exactly. The texture is creamy and goes in smoothly. It also soaks in really quickly. I don't regularly have baggy eyes but every once in awhile, at least twice a week, I don't get enough sleep and you can see it in my face. I started applying it the night I got it and it has been a little over a week of applying it. I make sure I apply it every night but maybe only half the time do I get to put it on in the morning. The great part is though I don't really see the need for it because during the night it works its magic and despite not getting much sleep you really can't see it in my face / eyes. The skin under my eyes feels very smooth and soft. It caused no irritation around my eyes despite being applied extremely close to that area. I was lucky enough to receive this Skederm Ultimate Eye Cream at a discounted price in order to try it out and give some honest feedback after my own personal use. All in all I would have to say I am a fan, any product that shows me results in the first week of use it is a winner to me. Price wise it is a great deal in my opinion.

  • Super Mum - "Tell me what you want to do..." makes Office so much easier...

    Microsoft Office has been around since the ancient times (around 1990) and every few years they decide to update it... sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. This year, the biggest changes, in my opinion, are the addition of two features:

  • edhcpa - Excel CD

    Very detailed and tastefully presented, clear, concise, and understandable, especially for an Excel layman like me, I'm not done yet but so far so good ... thank you !!!

  • John - sucks!!!

    Sucks waste of money. Used it before also to a tee... N failed both times. Only drink that's failed me.that I can remember !!

  • Calvin A. Ridley - Works as recommended.

    My mom recommended this tea because I was having problems falling asleep. Works wonderfully. I recommend it for those who do not want to take drugs.