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  • James Sibley - Not very well organized

    When the GBWR was first published it was designed to help people settle wagers. It was well organized by topic and you could find something quickly. The versions the last couple of years have traded glitziness for utility. They are useless as a reference book. They do not even attempt to cover all the the GWRs. They are barely useful as a table top conversation piece. I shall not buy another edition again.

  • G. Quinn - A must buy!

    This is the best thing I have ever bought. I can look good and natural at the same time, it is amazing.

  • Richard - Great delivery time. Great condition.

    Arrived in two day which is great cause class starts in a couple of days.Has the smallest imaginable amount of wrinkles on the spine and that might just be from shipping, and there is a ring where the disk has rubbed on the cover. Honestly, i could care less about that. I'm just glad that it came with one. So many i looked for weren't guaranteed to have one.

  • C. Morgan - Great Product

    After chemo I needed a gentle mouthwash, this works and does not burn your mouth. I continue to use it after 7 years.

  • Amazon Customer - Another great Krew story!

    Charlie is an actress with history in her blood. Ethan is from her past and they reunite. The Civil War is still a part of their lives even if those who fought are in spirit form now. Great story, the bad guys will surprise you and as usual, the ghosts come back to help the living.

  • Pliny82 - Best Wallet Case Ever

    I've always preferred the wallet cases because I hate wallets. Who carries cash anymore? Anyway, in the past I've used the bulky Otterbox Commuter series and a slim card wallet case. This one wins hands down. First, it comfortably fits 3 cards and THEY'RE EASY TO GET IN AND OUT. Usually they get caught on some plastic tab or rubber backing that you end up bending the card or having to use 2 hands to get them out. This case I can take the card out with my thumb. The cover for the wallet part is also very secure, not worried at all about the cards coming out. This case does add weight to the phone, but much less than the Otterbox one. All buttons and ports are accessible. Will keep an eye on this company for future phone upgrades. Nice job!

  • John A Oakey - It took a tech an hour to remove them with a remote access program when all he had to do was say "Remove the Abby Fine Reader ad

    The Key Card works perfectly if you just follow the simple instructions. I give it 4 instead of a 5 because of three installation issues. First, I needed to install the 64 bit version but was never able to successfully do that because some remnants of the 2010 32 bit version remained somewhere on my computer even after being removed through the control panel and that results in the refusal of the installation program to install the 64 bit version. I need to use the 64 bit version of Publisher to remove the "red x" problem when handling very large files. Second, customer service told be that I could install the 64 bit version of Publisher even if I install the rest of Office as 32 bit and I assure you that is not correct. Third, there is an add on (Abby Find Reader) that Epson provides with any of its products which keeps anything from working until it is removed. It took a tech an hour to remove them with a remote access program when all he had to do was say "Remove the Abby Fine Reader add-on in the Options tab of each application - here is a case number, call back if it does not work." That whole process would have been under 3 minutes.