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  • Betty L.Brown - I love it!

    I love Nite White products. Our dental office has switched to something else, so I ordered this from Amazon. It's a great consistency, so that you can apply a small drop to the whitening trays, and it tastes good--kind of minty. The 22% whitens fast, so I only used it three times so far, but no sign of sensitivity.

  • Susan P. - Wish I could go back in time...

    and not buy this book, even at a discounted price. It wasn't much of a thriller or a romance. The chapter breaks made no sense, and the storyline had no actual rhythm. Just didn't go anywhere and ended in such a predictable way. I never connected with the unrealistic characters (another case of beautiful, but seriously damaged people) or atmosphere of the story, so I honestly didn't care what happened next. I finished the book only because I'd bought it. I enjoy trying new authors, but this purchase will make me be more careful going forward. Reviews of four and five stars?? Absolutely no way.

  • Brad McHenry - Good Stuff

    This soap works great after I learned how to use it. I was using it every shower every day and it wasn't working. I lost interest and just used it once in a while and it started working great. Using it every 3rd day seems to work best. I'm still buying it.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Book

    Great book. I carried it every where in Rome. The only thing I didn't see were thieves,and pickpockets. Rick Steves emphasizes that point. Be cautious, but don't let it ruin your vacation. Rome and its people are wonderful. I did use a moneybelt as suggested. Maybe thats why I had no issues.

  • Mary L. Rose - Wonderful shampoo for gray hair

    Perfect for my gray hair.. I love this shampoo, used many others that turned my hair blue or purple not this one!

  • J. Kawakami - Oil drips. Water faucet cartridge restoration.

    I've used this in my oil, and it worked pretty well. It took two applications, and maybe 1/3 of a bottle each time. The first time, the leak slowed. Then I did an oil change and added more a while after that. The dripping seems to have slowed a bit more.