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  • Tonya - Good for the cost

    The disk was tested using my i5/6600 8G RAM, EVO 950 and MSI B150. So the whole performance of this drive would all be shown. It came to my house three days ago, the size of the drive is just normal, like any 2.5-inch SSD.

  • JimboPA1 - Wife really loves this blender

    Got this for my wife for Christmas. She's had other lower end ones from the big box stores. They either all died or didn't work right. She makes a lot of her own seasoning stuff and what not in the kitchen. So far she says its the best blender she's ever had. She made smoothies for us the other night which were great!

  • Kevin - A slap in the face to owners of Creative Suite or other Adobe products. No rebates or upgrade paths available.

    What a joke! I purchased Adobe Creative Suite 4 a number of years ago for $$$$. I typically only use photoshop, lightroom and acrobat. I was appalled to find that there isn't any upgrade path available to those of us that paid big money to purchase Adobe Creative Suite. I'm sorry but this is a slap in the face. I won't waste any more money on Adobe when there are other good photography packages available. I also use OnOne Perfect Photo Suite which is awesome and blows away photoshop in some areas.

  • CentralScrutinizer - Absolutely buy this AMAZING oil for clearer lungs

    I take a number of different products for keeping healthy but I have never had one make such a dramatic impact in such a short time...it has been simply astonishing.

  • Bigbird5o4 - It gives you advice on good test taking strategies

    This book is very helpful to learn and practice for CDL test. It gives you advice on good test taking strategies. I love that this book is not only all text but also has pictures to give you a visual understanding. There are practice questions and explanations that follow to explain to you what makes that answer choice correct. That is one reason I liked this book. I find this book very helpful. I wish you enjoy this book and Good luck!

  • cape cod irene - Word 2013 is awful - and Microsoft tech support is worse

    I maintain a mailing list for a nonprofit; several times a year I need to send either email or snail mail to our members. A snap to do on my 10-year-old Dell, which I foolishly gave up to buy a Dell Inspiron loaded with Office 2013. Was unable to set up mailing labels for those members who do not have email. Dell tech people, with one exception, were unable to solve problem and passed the buck to Microsoft (after spending approx. 15 hours on phone with them). Microsoft tech people, again with one exception, were worse than Dell's. Finally was told that Word 2013 home and student version cannot do labels (again after approx. 10 hours on phone) and that I would have to buy more software. How stupid does Microsoft think its customers are. Of course, the home and student version can do labels. It took my techie daughter less than 15 minutes to figure it out.

  • Janice Buchele - Great Skin Care

    This product is fabulous so, so gentle- I can't tell you how well it's worked for me. I even spread it all over my (4 and 7) young grandchildren's faces before they hop into the shower when they stay with me, so they're faces are clean with no tears from soap in thier eyes. TRY it, use it and nothing else to clean your face, twice daily and you will be a believer too.