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  • Angie Johnston - Great advice published too late

    I wish I'd read this highly informative title in the late 90s. My husband and I both suffer from PTHSCD (post-traumatic huge ship collision disorder) which we acquired while piloting our own huge ship. I remember it like it was yesterday -- we were carrying over 3 million gallons of blue paint to Morocco when, wouldn't you know it, we collided with our competitors. They had about 4 million gallons of red-brown on board, and before we knew it, we were all marooned.

  • katelyn esparza - Jut buy it already!! It works!

    First of all, this product smells amazing! I purchased it because I have always struggled to grow my hair. In the past month, my hair has grown 3 inches!! It's like a weed. People are noticing and complimenting me. The only two issues are that it doesn't lather well and I have experienced some hair loss, but honestly, it's completely worth it to me. I am thrilled.

  • Chango - Very disappointed on this product and disappointed on Samsung did not ...

    Very disappointed on this product and disappointed on Samsung did not do nothing for my very expensive tv VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • Mark Town - Glad I have it....but

    I am a lifelong Cardinals fan and this season offered perhaps my favorite all-time "rooting" experience. I am therefore happy to have this DVD. It brought back a good deal of that joyful feeling I experienced throughout the playoffs. But I cannot help but say that it could have been so much better. It is just an "okay" effort. Game 6 of the World Series is perhaps the best example. The lead up to the game tying hits in the 9th and 10th innings was insufficient. The drama was not built, and boy was there drama. That is true of much else as well: wasted opportunities. But the story is such a good one, so compelling and emotional, that even this modest effort is worth the cost.