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  • Cuspofcapricorn - It's about time!

    Finally, we have some solid material on fasting. I listen to all of Jimmy Moore's podcasts on the ketogenic way of eating and have really benefited but have hit a long plateau. Then, I got introduced to the wonderful Dr Fung through a dozen podcast interviews with various interviewers and his Obesity Code book. It's all about the insulin, man! We've been hoodwinked with all this calorie in, calorie out, low-fat nonsense and we're all paying the price. I think the thing to keep in mind is that these ancient tools and ways of eating (or not eating) are all very long-term solutions. No quick fixes here. Just enjoy the ride and keep at it. I've fasted before, but kind of felt out there on my own, like maybe I was doing something dangerous. Fung and Moore dispel all the myths and have put my mind at ease. Going forward, I feel I have a team behind me.

  • nordygirl - Italian Mobsters are ALL bad

    Jodie is a Mob princess, only she does know. All she knows is she came home from college, to spend time with her family. She is studying in her bedroom with her headphones on when she realizes that things are too quiet. It is a Sunday, and should be hearing the tv and sports. Little does she know that her life will never be the same. Her family is gone, and the Italian mob wants her. They want to BEND her to their will, to train her to be a slave. Dante is tasked with training her...too bad that he is one of the good ones.

  • D. Nagy - Great cast, dazzling special effects and humanity momentarily wins ...

    Great cast, dazzling special effects and humanity momentarily wins out over self-serving self preservation. I couldn't believe that many people could afford to pay $1,000,000,000.00 a ticket to secure a place on one of the arks!

  • Bruce Bettinger - It fit very comfortably, and I am happy I did

    I knew ahead of time from reading reviews that this product would be a little snug so I bought a size larger than what was indicated on a sizing chart I found online. It fit very comfortably, and I am happy I did. Although I have only used them once so far, these gloves were great for the Texas summer heat, breathed well but still offered the protection of a full finger glove. I did not realize when purchasing these that the padding was less than what I was used to in the palm, but I do not think it will take long to adjust to using a slightly looser grip. Overall, very happy with the fell and look of these gloves.

  • SamanthaJ - I absolutely love this product

    I absolutely love this product!! I was going to buy one last year but every where I went they were sold out. When I saw this item online I knew I had to have it!!