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  • Sonoma Geezer - Strong and sticks to anything

    I can't believe I never heard of this stuff before. Our handyman introduced me to it. It is strong and it sticks to anything. Most recent application, repaired my wife's purse when her magnetic catch fell off. I am a real buyer, no free samples.

  • Cece - OH EM GEE

    I feel like every woman should have this amazing product in their life. No more fear of stinking up the office when you have to go after that large cup of coffee. If a guy is reading this, please disregard, you all know that women do not poop. It's okay.

  • MarTay - Face Stimulator

    I notice a nice glow after using, but really wish you could "feel" the sensation a bit when it's in use.

  • debbie - Broke out

    This productmade me break out too like a few others said. I broke out on scalp, ears and top of forehead. Shame, I was hoping for good results.

  • CatBookMom - Got Problems? They have to take over your PC remotely.

    I had read that this was very highly regarded, so I wanted to try the free module before buying the full suite. It downloaded and installed easily, and ran a full scan of my PC. Later I found I couldn't get to my PayPal account properly. Avast was blocking part of it, and I couldn't find any way to "allow" PayPal full access, no listing or pop-up to add approved programs or sites. I called tech support and got a tech quickly. He said he'd have to take over my PC remotely to find 'problems with my computer configuration'; he couldn't tell me what to do or look for or change, couldn't/wouldn't just tell me what to do. I had a bad experience previously when some tech support person (another computer program) tried taking over my PC, so I refused. After I un-installed Avast, my access to PayPal was normal again. I'll try a different anti-virus program, one that doesn't block a common site like PayPal

  • Anton Krajicek - Does not fit with out modifications.

    This did not fit my 2014 JKU. The pin holes are too short by a half in in the middle to an inch on the outside. I would return it, but I jumped the gun and had it painted. Lesson learned, pay the extra upfront and get Wild Boar.