Candidose ou Candida Albican - Une levure qui peut faire des dégats lorsqu'elle est invasive et prend la forme d'un mycelium, outre la mycose les conséquences peuvent être plus importante...

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City: 2.3387 , France

  • silverburg - Beautifully Laid Out Book

    The book itself is sturdy and well constructed. The layout is excellent and gives the collector room to put quarters from both the Philadelphia and the Denver mints in it in each category. Also because the book uses plastic overlays, both sides of the quarter are beautifully displayed. Interesting facts are included that enhance the book's overall presentation. This book is a must have for children and grown-ups alike, not just to display one's national park quarter collection, but to actually learn more about the Nation's National Parks.

  • Ed Alvut - This is PHENOMENAL!!

    1st off I am really analytical. I researched the heck out of TV's and decided on an LG... it had software issues from the beginning and the customer support was horrible. They had NO phone support stateside and more than once I had language barriers. I have truly learned what a big deal this is. It will influence me from now on. Incidentally, Samsung has the BEST customer service.

  • angelagail - Works!!!!!

    I have been trying for two years to get my eyebrow to grow uot from the thin way they were. be the style. But at my age, i want fuller thicker eyebrows. And I've been using it on my short eyelashes.

  • Andres Maldonado M - Great for the price and comfortable

    Besides the price, this mouse mat is really worth it. The material is not like memory foam in the picture, your hand would not sink and leave its mark in it. However, the material is soft and feels great on your hand. Having spend many months with it and spending around 12 hours on a computer, I can say it is one of the best thing I have bought for my computer.