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  • Karb85 - Great Serum!!

    I have been using hyaluronic acid serums for several months now. I've found some (on my skin it seem) take awhile to absorb while others are real quick. I've also noticed some are easier to spread a thin layer and others I feel like I keep having to use a little bit more to cover my face. This is in my top of hylauronic acid serums I have ever used. The bottle looks great, it is easy to apply and a little bit really does go a long way so I am glad about that as I think this will last me quite awhile. I haven't broke out from this serum, and it does appear to be working as described. I plan on repurchasing this when the current bottle I have runs out. This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review

  • Andy C. - Good value for your money

    Before buying this please consult your doctor. A 500mg tablet(and I take 2 of these at a time) is a very high dose used to treat high cholesterol and triglycerides. A starting dose is just 100mg and if you take a full 500mg dose at once, you'd get the primary sideeffect of your entire body flushing and feeling like your body is on fire. If you don't take it correctly you could get inflamation of the liver.

  • Kathleen B. RAFFOUL - Works wonders

    This tea works wonders and relieves pain and stiffness in my back and knees. I highly recommend this tea. I use one Yogi tea bag and one black or green tea to get my dose of caffiene. I usually drink 3 cups a day---2 with black tea, and 1 with green tea to get the caffiene.

  • Audreypuppy - Finish held up for 2 years

    I used this product two years ago as a total painting novice, as my old blue tub was starting to get some minor chips, and I didn't have the budget for a new tub and surround. The products did work well and dried to a glossy finish, but it DID run. It could have been from my inexperience, I don't know. As another reviewer said it does give a VERY slick finish. Be sure to put down a bath mat or bath stickers in the bottom. Two years later I am just now starting to get my first small chips. I'm buying another kit to go over top and hoping that maybe I can level out some of the drips. I did find last time that when I did the second coat, it kind of "melted" and leveled the first coat, so maybe now that I am little more experienced I can get it evened out while I touch up the chips. Will update on whether it is successful!

  • Nicola Gibson - makes my life work

    I wish it was as easy to use as Evernote – but they can do things Evernote can't, like receive whole files, format them correctly – and so on. now with Windows live you can sync everything on all your devices – and the android app isn't all that bad anymore. Overall now I can be cross functional on my tablet, phone and computer and can manage my overall leadership workload – which is fairly diverse – using one note.

  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely unimpressed!!!

    Now I bought this for my three year old son with the hope that I would move him away from using my phone and focus on something that is educational.( Background note, my son has been using the computer since he was 1 1/2 years so he knows his way around technology.)

  • Amazon Customer - An Excellent Wireless Mouse.

    An excellent product. The sensitivity buttons are useful, the prolonged mouse scroll is amusing. Battery life is long, and charge time is quick. Pushing the scroll left and right are buttons that is unique and innovative. Has an appealing logo where you can change the lights to a variety of different colors. It plays very smooth when playing high pace games that require fast movement with great precision. You can even use it with the wire cable, and that way your charging your mouse and using it at the same time. Only gripe I have about it is sometimes you can get carpal tunnel in the middle finger after long usage, but that could be just me. I would recommend getting some type of pad for your wrist if you already don't have one.