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  • Kirsten - No Success when taking a hair folicle drug screen

    I did not have success with this product!!!!, i was offered a job where requirements were to pass with a negitive result on a hair folicle drug screen. I read extensive reviews of others stating they had success with this product in the same scenario and was confident enough to try it. As a heavy marijuana user i used the macujo method of cleansing for 2 weeks prior to my test and refrained from my use of smoking marijuana. it was an intense stripping method intended to remove the hair cuticle and dissolve the substance metabolites stored in your hair folicle. on the morning of my test i used the zydot ultra clean shampoo (i purchased 2 boxes in case 1 wasnt enough to coat my hair, 1 box did cover and i have long hair) confident i would pass with the process i had followed. Just over 1 week after my test a doctor called to inform me that i had failed 2 strand tests, both positive for marijuana. As a result i did not get the job and was extremely disipointed. I would not recommend this product if you are trying to achive a negitive result for a hair folicle test.

  • Sven - Good won'y regret buying it!

    I've had the light for several months and have carried it daily. It fits in my pocket very nicely and sometimes I forget it is there. It has been dropped, dropped then accidentally kicked across the shop and been submerged when I had to rescue a dog that fell through the ice. It still works fine, the clip is still as strong as the first day and the finish is holding up pretty good. There is some wear but it is honest wear from daily use. I live where there are no streetlights and this lights up the area enough to check the outbuildings from the porch. I really like this light and I'm planning on getting the one with usb port for charging to keep in the truck. My friends who've got one after seeing mine are happy with theirs.

  • Patrick L. Robertson Sr. - Not a reliable brake fluid tester.

    I finally got around to trying this device.The vehicle I tested it on is my 2000 Tundra,I have never completely changed the brake fluid but have added some over the years.The tester green light came on as described but never changed while only the probes were submerged in the master cylinder brake fluid.Tried this several times with the same results.Just for the heck of it I put the unit probes in some water , green all the time.I don't know if this unit is broken or what but it did not work for me.

  • Luis Carlos - It did not do any miracles for me.

    I used it in the bathroom and I was expecting it to destroy mold build up a la clorox style, but it needs to be wiped off. I don't know if the process of me wiping is what is helping to remove the mold or if this product helped a little. For all I know, water and wiping would've worked.