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  • East Tx Realtor - Swift Swiffer!

    So glad I bought into the Swiffer fad! It's a fad that I don't think will be going anywhere any time soon! I love this thing! Easy to put the pads on and take off. Nice for a quick sweep. Would buy again!

  • Judith R. - Great features. Minimal assembly

    Trimmer was as advertised. Great features. Minimal assembly. Lightweight, multiple adjustable features (I particularly like the telescoping shaft, since I am short in stature). Battery charges in less time than some other name brands. Trimmer was delivered by USPS 2 or 3 days before promised in factory packaging in perfect condition.Very satisfied.

  • JetDriveSolutions - A Screen Thats is Better Than the MacBook Air

    I'm a web developer, and I'm the founder of an IT/Tech start-up. I was always very interested in the Chromebook OS, and I finally decided to purchase this device. I'm stunned. The quality and functionality of this device is far beyond what I expected, especially for the price. The Chromebook OS is far better that I had thought, and I actually like it. Since I do a lot of work on browser-based clients (i.e Google Docs, Zed..etc.) I can do everything I used to do on this Chromebook, with incredible productivity. Let me go over some pro's and con's with you.

  • Hugh Sansom - Adequate, useful, but no masterpiece

    This book is useful as one of several means of putting yourself at ease over the GRE. It is especially useful for review of format, and general content. That said, there are at least a few mistakes and a couple of instances where the authors actually violate their own rules. Example: Page 308, a problem illustrating permutations versus combinations. "Brooke wants to hang three paintings in a row on her wall. She has six paintings to choose from. How many arrangements of paintings on the wall can she create?"

  • Susan C - Easily revealed- no spoilers

    I love a novel with a twist. Sadly, the twist was very obvious from early on. I did enjoy the main characters struggles and honesty about her role as a dedicated wife and mother. I didn't particularly enjoy the "before" and "after" chapter. It could have been much more fluid. It took me a lot longer to read than my usual 2 day max. It's not terrible. Just not anything mind blowing.