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  • Nicole Balestrieri - Clean smell, good exfoliant

    This is an awesome exfoliant for areas of thick, dry skin. I have sensitive skin on my face, so for that I fond it a little harsh, but it's great for people who spray tan and need a smooth surface.

  • Amazon Customer - PlayStation VR is amazing!

    After playing with it for over the past 10 days, I can say this:The lenses fog up with the slightest breath on it, from something touching the lenses or simply from sweating. the resolution is bad. the most accurate way to describe the resolution is it's like putting on glasses except the glass is replaced by a screen, like a screen door. However, VR is an amazing experience and it is a fairly new technology. I can't wait to see where VR goes from here. In conclusion, it's more than worth it for the price compaired to other VR systems, and it makes every game a thousand times better (even with low resolution)! I hope that PlayStation VR 2 has 4k resolution!

  • Alyssa Michelle - I wanted to love this, but unfortunately it made me break out

    I wanted to love this, but unfortunately it made me break out. I've managed to clear up my skin over the last year or two, but this nearly ruined all my effort. I want thicker hair, but not at the expense of my skin. I'll try something else.

  • disappointed in leapfrog - FALSE ADVERTISING

    The camera and video app doesn't allow the full 2GB memory to be used as advertised. Once more than 1.2GB of apps is loaded onto the leappad, the camera app doesn't allow pictures to be taken. LeapFrog was contacted about this issue and has stated this is how it is designed and will not issue a software update to address this problem. A class action law suite is being filled against Leapfrog for false advertising regarding this issue.

  • Amazon Customer - Can't expect it to be ready to watch after the show has been aired live.

    The programs take such a long time to be streamed. I wish I had a real expectation of when I could watch my purchased show. So its Friday, and the last episode came out 24 hours ago...should I hope to see it tonight?

  • Manuel De Jesús - Exactly what I expected!!

    Exactly what I expected. Really liked this frame. It's my first time using glasses, so I guess that's why it felt a little bit heavy at first, but then I got used to it and it feels light now. 100% recommended.