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  • Amazon Customer - The Real Deal.

    Absolutely outstanding. I read this book 3 years ago, and was at first quite skeptical. However, much of what I found in here comported with information that I had read elsewhere, especially the apple cider vinegar test, that can easily be done at home, as a diagnostic method to determine whether or not you have too much or too little stomach acid. I eventually tried the HCL (hydrochloric acid) suggestion, in addition to a month of probiotics. I got the HCL capsules from a local health food store, and the probiotics from the local grocery store. I continued this for about 3 weeks, when I began to notice that I no longer was suffering from the symptoms of GERD (which I'm sure you're all familiar with, if you're reading this). I was on Aciphex for 5 years prior. Let that sink in. 5 YEARS. After three weeks of doing what this book "ordered," I have not had heartburn since, other than an occasional bout, which is quickly delt with by taking one piece of sugared ginger. Thanks to Dr. Wright, and to everyone involved in the publication of this book. I'm sorry it's taken me 3 years to write the review, but I think it's now safe to say- I'm cured. Gerd is gone. Thank you.

  • Amazon Customer - It does work

    It does repair small leaks, at least for a while. My hot tub is built in so I am unable to get to all sides. Used this product and the leak stopped for at least six months. This is a much cheaper alternative to tearing down my deck. I will continue to use it as needed.

  • Suze Sings - Great design and colors

    My daughters were looking for a new volleyball and really liked seeing this ball in action. They like getting the perfect spin on their serve to make it rotate.

  • Jeff - it fit perfect in the

    It was what was expected but I upgraded the flashlight and added a few other items. it fit perfect in the Jeep

  • Justin - Decent recap of an awesome season. I will agree with others that it ...

    Decent recap of an awesome season. I will agree with others that it is not as good as the 2009 DVD but it was still a good watch to relive the rise of the penguins from the mid-season ashes.