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  • Brad Smith - Great Shaver

    I have been a Norelco user for 40 years but was very disappointed by my last unit about 5 years ago because the plastic on the shaver and its cord disintegrated so quickly. But this 2100 has renewed my opinion of the company's engineering talent. While the 2100 feels somewhat light and hollow, it delivers a GREAT shave and has an amazing battery life. It's been a full four weeks already, and it still does not need a second charge.

  • My Book Boyfriend - No Daddy Issues here!

    Downloaded this ARC 2 days ago and could not wait to review and Author I have never read before. The book description had me chomping at the bit to read and review what was hidden within this unknown nugget of literary magic.

  • Kindle Customer - Great book

    This was a wonderful series I hate to see it end but all good things must come to an end the suspense and drama were worth the wait though

  • Lady Reader - "Making of the President' 2012

    Good recap of what happened in run up to election and excellent analysis. Well Organized. I recommend to those who followed the politics, as well as those who didn't.

  • Kathy - Happy with this Product!

    Bought these for my husband as an alternative to getting hearing aids for his slight hearing loss. Best feature is that no batteries have to be replaced constantly as it recharges in the charger at night.

  • CCMango - A Diversion from the REAL Issues

    "Russians are trying to rig the election by showing how the Clinton team is rigging the election!"

  • Nicole - I might have fallen for marketing hype.

    This product did nothing for me. I still experienced a lot of brain fog and did not find that it helped me think more clearly. Unfortunately I listened to Joe Rogan talk about this company a lot, I believe it's pretty clear that he has a vested interest however at the time that I first started hearing him talk about that, I don't think it was as apparent to me. Perhaps it only works for men, I dunno.