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  • Fleta - What are you guys using?

    Reading through the other reviews on here, I'm very confused. I have had very good results with this product. My hair is colored, fine, thick (as in lots of hair per square inch), *very* straight, and long (mid-back). I think we can all agree that the smell is fantastic. However, I've found that the consistency is smooth and workable, if a teeny bit thick. I wouldn't say I use a lot, but probably a bit more than some other conditioners. It works through my hair very easily, feels silky, and softens my hair instantly. I leave it in for a few minutes and continue to work through before rinsing. After, my hair is definitely not tangled, and brushes through very easily. If I have anything negative to say, it's that it leaves my hair a little flat, but it seems I have to choose between moisture and body, and this conditioner gives moisture. Whether blow-drying or letting it dry naturally, my hair is super soft, very shiny, lightly scented, and very manageable. I'm very fond of this conditioner, and even bought a second bottle to use as my after-color conditioner. I'm not sure why other reviewers are having insanely different results. For an inexpensive product, I'm impressed with the quality.

  • Amazon Customer - Low rating for the customer service

    Going through my 89 year old father's credit card statement, I noticed he was paying for online access to Encyclopedia Britannica. I poked around and found he had been for years. He has macular degeneration, is nearly blind and had not, of course, checked into the site for a very, very long time. I called customer service and explained that he was old and couldn't access the site. The fellow on the other end barked "Well I couldn't know that could I?" I was taken aback: I hadn't even asked for a refund. He then told me he could would cancel the account but only refund the current bill, semi-arguing with me though I still hadn't asked for anything except to cancel.

  • Cstreb - Really amazing!

    I have 30 year old laminate countertops. I'm a pretty good painter but was still a little intimidated by the whole process. It was way easier than I thought it would be and the results are amazing. I have a whole new kitchen now and it really pops with the chocolate brown granite look. I will give a couple cautions/tips: 1) I used a degreaser and then sanded my countertops first with 80 grit sand paper and then wiped it down really well before putting on the primer. About 6 hours after I put it on, one of my cats jumped up on it and when I scared him down, he put hisclaws into his retreat - it didn't leave marks/scratches on the primer. 2) I had a hard time with getting into where the backsplash met the countertop. Using the sponge just smeared it. I think next time I'd find some kind of corner sponging tool. 3) I kept getting roller marks on the clearcoat. Someone suggested adding water to thin it a bit but I don't know if I'd want to lose any protection. Fortunately you really can only see it from a certain angle/lighting. Overall, if you are looking for a easy, cheap bandaid to really bad countertops, I highly recommend this product. Good luck!

  • Jason Burrell - Gibson Les Paul Studio

    I picked mine up a few weeks ago from local guitar stores here in Lynnwood Wa. I must say for my first Les Paul I'm very impressed. Overall this guitar is beautiful and the tone is amazing. My only gripe is the tuners. While mine had the robo tuners replaced with Kluson tuners the Google sting doesn't seen to stay in tune after bends of the Google string. I've ordered a set of Grovers witch I will install soon. As for the zero fret nut it's brass it's soft metal not sure why gibson decided to go with these, I've read a few posts about complaints of the strings wearing deep groves into them. I've contacted Gibson about the issue and the are sending me free of charge a Titatainumn zero fret nut. The set up was decent but I plan on having my Luthier install the new tuners and nut and a pro set up here soon. I love the new 2015 gold hard case as well. For the money you really can't get a better Gibson new off the shelf.