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  • Lu H. - Delicious!

    One of the most delicious vitamin gummies I've had! No artificial weird taste (well besides the sugar of course). It tastes just like regular gummy bears, which can be dangerous. Don't take too many, it'll be tempting not to. I like that this one focuses on immune-building supplemental nutrition, great to have in the winter especially.

  • Holly - This makes Cozmo work faster and be updated more easily. If you find it is a pain

    Cozmo rocks! Just watch some of the many youtube videos and you can see what Cozmo does. The biggest "issue" people seem to be having is that Cozmo has to have an app open (on phone/kindle//tablet) while working. This is so the programming can be stored away from Cozmo itself. This makes Cozmo work faster and be updated more easily. If you find it is a pain, just spend $50 on a kindle tablet.

  • Patrick M. Lyon - The best iPhone ever

    The iPhone 7 (Plus) is by far the best iPhone ever created, possibly the best phone ever created. However, because it is similar to previous iPhones, I will try to focus on whats new and whats so great about it. First the processor, its amazing, but so is the processor in just about every phone now a days. But considering this phone is more powerful then any MacBook or MacBook Air, or Even iPad ever created, its pretty remarkable.