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  • David Thomson - Webroot wasa wise choice

    I'm very pleased with Webroot. The software has done a splendid job on my Mini-Mac. It was badly infected, and the situation seemed hopeless. Webroot took care of mess in about two weeks. I urge you to contact them for further assistance. It may also behoove you to join the membership

  • Diana 808 - Bona Leaves a Streaky Film

    Bona leaves a streaky film no matter how it's applied. The Bona film also catches dirt so you need to mop more often. And this film builds up, dulling your wood floor. I therefore switched to moping with a water/vinegar solution. Every once in a while I would try Bona again because I still had the spray bottle and it seemed like it should be easier and more effective. But every time I saw those streaks I realized Bona actually makes mopping harder in the long run. So today I threw away my Bona spray bottle. I have found the best hardwood floor cleaner is a solution of 1 gallon warm water with 1/2 C. white vinegar. Wet your sponge mop with this solution and squeeze it well. If it is a small area, use the hands/knees method. Water/vinegar is recommended by many hardwood flooring companies as a floor cleaner. The only internet site that says to never use water/vinegar is the Bona site!

  • l.c.r. - Don't be fooled. Look at the fake 4- and 5-star reviews

    I'm watching the infomercial for this product right now. Host Jim is raving about how this product cured his joint inflammation pain. Sounded great--I have a ton of joint pain. Checked Amazon, and surprise--ALL of the four- and five-star reviews are for one or two products at most. I'm not spending a cent on this scam.

  • LaToya A - Great throw back gift

    My hubby mentioned he used to love this back in the day. I'm glad I found it. I gave it to him for Xmas and head has worn it everyday since. Lol

  • Caoimhe Dru'Ann Gallagher - Love it!

    Works great. My new s7 keeps a charge most of the day, but I like being able to set it down to recharge when I'm in bed at night on my computer. I can easily pick it up if I need to without having to unplug it to bring it over.

  • J. LaBelle - Great little TV but no VESA mount

    Clear Picture but volumn/speakers are weak! Didn't realize when I bought it that there was no VESA mount on back of the unit.

  • Amee - 77 and going strong!

    My grandmother who is 77 years old has been drinking the Juice Plus Shake mix for ten years at least and taking the capsules for five years is in the most amazing shape. She works in her yard daily and it is beautiful because she is full of energy. That just goes to show what whole food nutition can do for the body. I started taking the capsules about 6 months ago and the shake more recently. The dutch chocolate is so good and it really fills you up. I have been giving my kids the fruit and vegetable gummies which taste awesome as well to help with nutrients they may missing out on. I do have some picky eaters. I would reccomend Juice Plus to everyone and anyone. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about giving your body all it needs to stay free of disease. Amee921.wix.com/wellnessguru