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  • Mustang - Early Filing Problems! DO NOT BUY - YET!

    While I have bought this program for the last 5 years, I was your typical late filer (4/14) and had no issues. But, this year because I am submitting college financial aid applications, I have to file early in order to be accurate and to meet the application deadlines. I e-filed 3 days ago and got a rejection from the IRS for my son's 1040A because it did not have the AGI for 2011. This is his first time filing and there is no 2011 AGI. But, the program and the IRS are looking for it. There are directions for no 2011 AGI and I followed it, but the e-file system is still looking for a 2011 AGI. Now, I have to file by mail.

  • btgem - so far no change

    i have not seen any change yet , will updated it if i see a change - very oily you need to wash out the next day ( if not going out leave in an extra day) I purchased in Nov 2015 but did not start until January

  • Adventurer - Not for the acne-prone

    Ahhhhh! Definitely not non-comodogenic! I am prone to acne, but this product clogged my pores so badly I developed skin cysts. Continued to use it for a month in hopes of my skin would become less sensitive to the product, but it never happened. Used the remainer of the product on my lower neck and chest. Still had a few breakouts, but not nearly as bad as using it on my face. No noticeable improvement to my neck/chest area.

  • lue lor - Great product with some issues

    First off I have it 3 stars because of 3 reasons. Read on for the reasons. I installed it on a 2006 Nissan Frontier Nismo. I have a stock amp and using the audio output from the unit RCA harness was giving a popping noise through the speakers when I turn off the key so I went to a local audio shop and picked up two harness that allows me to use the audio output from the regular wiring of the unit. The best feature I bought the unit for was the wonderful builtin GPS and many other features you can find on an Android smart phone.