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  • Shalynn - I really enjoyed the aroma & texture of the scrub

    I really enjoyed the aroma & texture of the scrub. The scrub made my skin extremely soft. I would recommend using this scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells & rejuvinate the skin. This product is great for those who suffer from dry skin. I only paid $1 for it since I did the review. Great stuff.

  • Norma McL - No pain, no gain

    I upped my dosage and have had to pull back some; I recognize the Herxheimer effect when I see it, and I need to be less eager to increase the dosage. That isn't bad news; it's just the way things go when your body is evacuating the bad stuff that you're taking serrapeptase to rid yourself of. I've pulled back from three tablets once or twice a day to one twice a day.

  • Furball Fanatic - Good mat for yoga & aerobics floor workouts

    This mat has just the right amount of texture to keep me from slipping when I'm doing yoga and pilates. But I also like the cushioning it provides when I'm doing warm-up and cool-down stretches for aerobics. It's easy to clean and doesn't have a rubbery or chemical smell. When my knees and ankles are tired from jumping jacks or other cardio work, I sometimes even stand on it. It makes the impact softer on my joints.

  • tellyalikeitis - NOT WORTH THE $$$ AT ALL

    I purchased the NEAT DESK system because I am a filing freak. I am the father of a family of 12. Managing my family's everyday paperwork is like being the book keeper of a small corporation; from doctors appointments, to receipts, medical records, warranty information, education records, etc. It's just crazy keeping up with this stuff.

  • Violet - Card Maker

    I am very delighted with this purchase! I have saved money in buying it, and have used it from day one! It lives up to what I expected from Hallmark. The cards look just like the ones I would purchase at the stores. I am a well pleased customer!! Bravo!!!!!!!

  • Daniell Gordon - GET THE ERGO

    its a great mouse... I would have preferred the ergo. i think i would've liked the thumb indention. super light weight and it looks BA!

  • philippe j mommaerts - thin bezel is a lie

    don't get me wrong this is a nice monitor...but if you want thin bezel, beware,,,watch this.. than that it is a descent monitor with great picture ....