Brain Resource Center - Brain Resource Center of New York provides behavioral therapy and biofeedback approaches for adults, children and adolescents

  • Our Team – Brain Resource Center - Brain Resource Center of New York provides behavioral therapy and biofeedback approaches for adults, children and adolescents.
  • Brain Resource Center - Quantitative EEG (qEEG). Brain Resource Center uses mapping (qEEG, EEG, ERP). Patient data is compared to database for standardized electrical brain function neuropsychological measures
  • Brain Resource Center: Contact us - Brain Resource Center New York contact information, map, phone number, address, email, study information
  • Brain Resource Center - Neurofeedback research solves problems by non optimal brain activity. Brain Resource Center participates in research studies with the Institute of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Performance
  • Brain Resource Center: Traumatic Brain Injury - Brain Resource Center NY treats Traumatic Brain Injury, addressing memory loss, disability, cognitive deficit, postconcussion syndrome (PCS). Our Medical Legal Collaboration can help win a judgment

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    Anthony Carey is a true expert in his field and shares exercises and theories for pain relief in this well written book. It is easy to read for the general population and a great resource for Personal Trainers.

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