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  • Too Much Screen Time - Full Featured, does what it needs to do. Nothing else comes close to the depth of features

    I've been a Quicken user since 1998. Nothing else comes close to the features that this software offers, and I use just about all of them. It almost does everything I want it to do, almost. It does not track restricted stock units (RSU's) or anything with an odd vesting schedule without playing crazy games. The vehicle mileage tracker allows "Rental Property" for the trip type, but it will not let you name which rental property. And other arcane examples.

  • Annie Mae - Great cheese

    This is the best non-dairy cheese I've ever tasted. I have a dairy/milk/casein allergy, and I've been searching for a great-tasting cheese. Well, this is it!! Try it.

  • The Adventuress - Biggest con is that you can't access online content

    This book plus it's online content could have made this a perfect 5. However, the Princeton Review site does not actually work. If you are interested in a book that supplements with online material, look elsewhere for something that actually doesn't have bugs and allows you to use the full potential of your book. Bottom line: The book: Great. The Princeton Review website: Maintained by a bunch of amateurs. I feel cheated and scammed.