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  • Ipodmaster - The game is great. The installation not.

    The box included two DVDs, one for PC, one for Mac. I installed the Mac version but turns out that it's a waiste of time and weight! It just installs the Steam interface, you just need to enter the Install key to Download the game from steam.

  • disappointed in leapfrog - FALSE ADVERTISING

    The camera and video app doesn't allow the full 2GB memory to be used as advertised. Once more than 1.2GB of apps is loaded onto the leappad, the camera app doesn't allow pictures to be taken. LeapFrog was contacted about this issue and has stated this is how it is designed and will not issue a software update to address this problem. A class action law suite is being filled against Leapfrog for false advertising regarding this issue.

  • Robert F. Havener III - Good short story

    I'm honestly not a big fan of cop books but as far as they go, I was pleasantly surprised. Guess I'm going to read the next one "My Sister's Grave". Hopefully it's just as good.

  • DENISE - AuraGlow Rocks !

    Very pleased with my results, today would be my 4th day. The only thing that bothers me would be the build of saliva in your mouth. Takes a few trys to figure how to manage and find a comfortable position to place your tongue. A little sore tongue the first tries not a big deal. I did purchase the Remineralization gel incase my gums became sore which a bit they did so that was a good call on my end. Hoping for good results in the end after my treatment is over.

  • V. Sanders - Takes good care of your Liver !

    Looking forward to a healthier better taken care of liver. This supplement has all the things I had planned to buy separately in order to benefit my liver. I am glad that I have been able to get one product that contains everything that I need instead of having to take many products. Taking a quality supplement to care for a body organ that is usually over worked and under appreciated should be on every ones list of things to do. If you are looking for a good place to start I suggest you try this supplement. Its really good.

  • Pen Name - Amazing!

    Smells amazing! Plumps every strand! I get a compliment on my hair every day that I use it. It's pretty expensive so I only use once a week.

  • Corey - Oh wow! I heard about this on a local ...

    Oh wow! I heard about this on a local radio show about home improvement. I finally heard the host of this show talk about this product enough i finally threw my hands up and said "cant hurt, pressure washing didn't take the mold off the vinyl siding". I bought it very skeptical and it blew my mind how well this worked. Its gone completely! I will be a lifetime user of this product.